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All studio spaces benefit from good natural light with the costs of studio membership including electricity, water, building insurance and service charges. Access to WiFi and a covered outdoor working area is also available.

Besides paying rent, Studio Members contribute at least 5 hours per month in support of Lewisham Arthouse. This subsidises our Learning, Exhibition and Events programmes, and keeps them affordable and engaged.  Roles are hands-on, including curating, fundraising, marketing and building maintenance. It’s a great way to gain professional skills and experience and gain valuable experience of working within an active and friendly community organisation.

Studio membership is allocated according to artistic consistency, a demonstrable commitment to exhibition-making and self-promotion and a commitment to be present in Lewisham Arthouse for a minimum amount of time each month.

If you’d like to be a studio member, please join our mailing list to get updates on studio vacancies and details on how to apply.



Image credit: Francesca Oldfield

Studio Members

Brian Archer
Phil Ashcroft
Chris Barnes
Ruth Beale
Richard Buckle
Oliver Campbell
Laura X Carlé
Barry Cunningham
Alison Day
Peter Dixon
Amanda Francis
Anita Gwynn
Charles Hayward
Lucy Harker
Tom Hemming
Janet Hyde
Terry Macdonald Humphrey
Lynda Laird
Julia McNeal

Steve Mihara
Basia Muslewska
Nina Necak
Janine Nelson
Mark Nelson
Stephen Palmer
Ben Parry
Richard Parry
Sheena Patel
Rosey Prince
Rob Reed
Toby Rye
Anna Salmon
Joyce Saunders-Diop
Fiona Smithers
Heather Steed
Irene Stewart
Shirley Stewart
Alma Tischler Wood
Luigi Vanzan
Eleanor Watson
Sara Willet


There are no positions available at present. Please join our mailing list to receive updates on upcoming opportunities.

Graduate Studio Award Scheme

Since 2010, the Graduate Studio Award Scheme has cultivated quality, innovation and talent development. This scheme supports artists at a precarious moment in their career. Lewisham Arthouse provides a free studio and peer mentoring to a London-based graduate. Residencies vary from 6 – 12 months and culminate in public presentations in the Project Space.

Chris Alton 2015

Our current Graduate Studio Resident is Chris Alton. Learn more about his work below…
“My artworks often draw upon multiple, seemingly un-associated, cultural phenomena. Whether deploying disco music against xenophobia or playing table tennis in competition with aggressive architecture, I seek to highlight unlikely parallels and produce bizarre situations. Through these, I aim to express alternative ways of being in the world. This desire stems from my Quaker upbringing, which resonates throughout my practice.
Subversive and embellished with an eye for contradictions, my works are frequently performative and multi-platform. They often involve physical and/or digital occupations, as forms of peaceful protest, and tend to find form in cultural artefacts, such as T-shirts, publications and websites, which then re-enter the social realm.”


Graduate Resident Award Archive

Lots of exciting exhibitions, events and projects have emanated from our Graduate Studio Award Scheme; from to Once More With Feeling(s) an evening of performance and video focusing on cover versions, FFWD the Revolution a performative tour and publication, to Attempts to Get Inside the World a laboratory-style exhibition and symposium. To find out more about our past recipients please click here

Chain curated by Candida Powell-Williams


Image credit: Chain curated by Candida Powell-Williams

Once More with Feeling(s) Curated by Chris Alton and Rachel Hill

23rd October 2015
A night of artist’s performance and video, focusing on cover versions. Artists featured include Louise Ashcroft, Giles Bunch, Sophie Chapman, Lydia Cohen, Rose Delcour-Min, Alberto Duman, Joseph Ernst, Rosa Farber, Luke Faulkner, Liam Geary Baulch, Marco Godoy, Kerri Jefferis and Ellie Wyatt, Pil and Galia Kollectiv (WE), Sean Mullan, Rosa Nussbaum, Luis Rodriguez, Dominic Watson, Boy With Wings, Rafal Zajko.

Once More with Feeling(s), 2015. Image credit: Amanda Francis


Image credit: Amanda Francis

I See I don’t See publication and exhibition curated by Jack Tan and Luke Burton

30th August 2014
Featuring a specially commissioned semiotic analysis on the work in the show by Maya Osborne and Letters between the curator-artists Luke Burton and Jack Tan. Also features artist profiles, the Press Release and a free print of Caspar David Friedrich’s The Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog.



Image credit: Amanda Francis