Project Space

House of Do Your Own Thing

Saturday 7th May

Saturday 7 – Sunday 22 May
Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday* from 12pm – 6pm
Free entry
*closed to the public on Saturday 21 May

“The gallery has been taken over!”

Join the Feel Good Designers at Lewisham Arthouse this May to explore “They! Come help me do come” – The House of Do Your Own Thing. It’s a house full of art, music, videos, radio shows and performances. It’s coming to Lewisham Arthouse for the London Borough of Culture! Everyone is welcome.

“There will be decorations and artwork everywhere. We thought the more artwork the better! The more it will catch people’s eyes!”

Join us for some special events at Lewisham Arthouse as part of the House of Do Your Own Thing.

Saturday 7 May: Radio
12pm – 6pm
Join us in the gallery to take part in a House of Do Your Own Thing radio show, recorded live in the gallery!

Saturday 14 May: Gig
2pm – 4pm
Featuring performances from Electric Fire, Charles Hayward and Robyn Steward

The Feel Good Designers are a group of people who are supported by Heart n Soul to make things look and feel good. They met at Do Your Own Thing, Heart n Soul’s programme for young people with learning disabilities.

Heart n Soul info

First person
Heart n Soul is an award-winning creative arts company and charity. We believe in the power and talents of people with learning disabilities, providing opportunities for people to discover, develop and share this power and talent as widely as possible. We also have a lot of fun!

Third person
Heart n Soul is an award-winning creative arts company and charity that believes in the power and talents of people with learning disabilities, providing opportunities for people to discover, develop and share this power and talent as widely as possible. They also have a lot of fun!
Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @heartnsoulart

Diaspora – Hong Kong Nationhood Exhibition Opening

15th April 2022

Private View: 15th April, 2022 6- 9pm
Opening times: Wednesday 13th – Sunday 27th, 12 – 6pm

This exhibition aims to present the nationhood of Hong Kong, based on the way in which a common imaginary of nationhood has been developed through the lens of the arts. It involves 11 HK artists. This exhibition is created by HK people, curated by HK people, and produced by HK people.

It endeavours to:

Look at Hong Kong’s pro-democracy social movements from a holistic approach;
Create an open space for audience to give voice to their Hong Kong identities;
Serve as a documentation and archive in the chronicle of Hong Kong identity and nationhood.



Postcard Drawing Quilt Workshop

Thursday 19th May
Image credit: Dan Weill

Exploring the idea of ‘home’ with artists Euphrosyne Andrews and Seungwon Jung

Date / Thursday 19th May
Time / 6:00 – 7:00pm
Venue / Lewisham Art House Workshop

Developing themes from their fantastic exhibition ‘Drifting Terrain’ at KCCUK, artists Euphrosyne Andrews and Seungwon Jung will lead a workshop at Lewisham Arthouse exploring the idea of ‘home’. All participants will be given a blank postcard to draw and write their ideas of ‘home’. At the end of the workshop there will be an open discussion, sharing ideas and making the postcards into a patchwork quilt.

Drifting Terrain is currently showing at KCCUK and presents new works from three Lewisham based artists, commissioned by the Korean Cultural Centre UK. Working in collaboration with Lewisham Arthouse the exhibition celebrates Lewisham’s designation as the London Borough of Culture 2022. The exhibition is rooted in a sense of place, firstly connecting the localities of Lewisham and the KCCUK on the Embankment but secondly in more subtle and complex ways representing different communities and cultural codes. For more information please visit:

The workshop is free and open to everyone but we’re hoping families/young children can join us too.

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The Project Space is run with the aim of providing affordable exhibition space and a platform for emerging artists, community groups and those who have been unable to find support/space through traditional gallery routes. In doing this we hope to provide a vibrant program of exhibitions for our local community, creating an opportunity for people to enjoy, discuss and engage with contemporary art in an informal and accessible setting. Alongside the program of hire shows we also facilitate larger projects and residencies that focus on our core aims of outreach and community engagement. We are always interested to hear from local artists, curators and community groups with proposals for larger projects or who are interested in forming creative partnerships with the Arthouse.

Lewisham Arthouse is committed to ensuring our Project Space is accessible for anyone to hire. We acknowledge that social barriers may influence participation in, and enjoyment of the arts. In an effort to address this in our local communities, our application process is open to everyone, regardless of age or educational background. We particularly welcome applications from non-white, Black, Asian and minority ethnicity individuals and groups.

Lewisham Arthouse is now accepting exhibition proposals for the Project Space 2022.

In 2022 Lewisham will be the London Borough of Culture and we will be looking to prioritise local talent and local issues in our programming. We are particularly interested in hearing from local artists, community groups and projects who share the key themes of this year’s festival:

We will protect this place we love – A call to action on the climate emergency

We are strengthened by our diversity – A celebration of our borough of sanctuary

We will be happy here – A commitment to building an inclusive society, working together to deliver change.

Lewisham Arthouse is an artist-led cooperative and our project space is run with a focus on providing opportunities for emerging artists, local community groups and people otherwise underrepresented in the art world. Our aim is to provide local audiences with an engaging, expansive and accessible exhibition program from across all artistic mediums.

In the past we have hosted solo exhibitions by up and coming artists such as Karen Maclean and Emma Cousins, exhibitions by local primary schools Myatt Gardens and Beecroft and events such as the banquet dining experiences of The Groundnut or the performances of our 2019 project space residents Decolonising the Archive.

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Copy of Hire Terms and Conditions



Image credit: photo Francesca Oldfield

We would like to highlight that dates are subject to change due to the coronavirus pandemic and prioritising cancelled exhibitions. Please bear with us as the situation develops. Moving forwards, we will be working to accommodate exhibition proposals in line with social distancing guidelines recommended by the Government. If you have any questions please contact us at

Hire Fees:
1 week = £250
2 weeks = £400 (making it £200 per week)
3 weeks = £550 (making it £183 per week)
4 weeks = £680 (making it £170 per week)

Charities, schools and non profit organisations are entitled to 25% discount.

Send your applications to:

Project Space
Lewisham Arthouse
140 Lewisham Way
London SE14 6PD