The main objective of Lewisham Arthouse is to support practising artists and makers to work. Artists pay rent for their studio, but rent is subsidised through the cooperative’s Work Hours scheme to ensure it remains affordable. We use the term ‘member’ because Lewisham Arthouse is more than just about individual studio spaces. Lewisham Arthouse is about artists undertaking the collective decision-making, day to day running and development together.

Alongside personal conduct, rent payment and studio attendance responsibilities, members volunteer at least 5 hours per month through our Work Hours scheme. These hours of work subsidise our public programmes, ensuring they remain affordable and genuinely artist-led. This can involve working with others towards things like curating, fundraising, inclusion, and building maintenance. This offers a unique way to share ideas and work alongside different artists within a friendly, cooperative community.

Most Lewisham Art house studio spaces benefit from natural light and Wi-Fi access, with the costs of electricity, water, building insurance and service charges included. Access to an outdoor covered working area and bike-parking is available. The building currently lacks central heating, or step-free access to the first floor.

Unfortunately, the demand for genuinely affordable studio space in Lewisham is extremely high. Regretfully, the number of applications we receive makes the process of allocating studio space competitive. Studio membership is offered on the basis of artistic consistency, a demonstrable commitment to exhibition-making, self-promotion and a commitment to be present in your studio for a minimum amount of time each month.

We welcome all applications from all artists and makers, and appreciate the time they take to prepare. If you’d like to apply for studio membership, please join our mailing list to get updates on studio vacancies and details on how to apply.



Image credit: Francesca Oldfield

Studio Members


There are no positions available at present. Please join our mailing list to receive updates on upcoming opportunities.

Graduate Studio Award Scheme

Since 2010, the Graduate Studio Award Scheme has cultivated quality, innovation and talent development. This scheme supports artists at a precarious moment in their career. Lewisham Arthouse provides a free studio and peer mentoring to a London-based graduate. Residencies vary from 6 – 12 months and culminate in public presentations in the Project Space.

Sola Olulode 2018-2019

Lewisham Arthouse is delighted to welcome our new Graduate Resident for 2018-2019, Sola Olulode.

Sola Olulode’s canvas is stretched with her own version of Adire, an indigo-dyed textile traditionally made by Yoruba womxn in Nigeria using resist-dyeing techniques. She felt the need to have a connection to her Yoruba heritage present in the works. She uses batik, tape and a traditional cassava paste to create intricate and lineal resistance patterns. She plays around with using these rich textiles to elevate the backgrounds and to enhance the figures in the foreground. Using collage to layer gorgeous textiles and textures over figures bringing their saucy outfits and glorious hairstyles to life. Sola’s paintings are a look into the lives of Black womxn, in particular looking at when Black womxn and femmes discover their sense of self. The works document this exploration of sexuality, relationships and individuality through the form of figure painting. Her paintings have been deeply influenced by the culture and community that surrounds her life and I want to project in my paintings something that black womxn and black femmes can relate to and see the complexities of their identities reflected in.

Sola has graduated BA (hons) Fine Art Painting from University of Brighton. She recently exhibited at BBZ BLK BK: Alternative Graduate Show, Orbit UK Arts Graduates Show, Affordable Art Fair Recent Graduates and took part in the VON GOETZ ART Frieze Week Residency.

Sola Olulode

Graduate Resident Award Archive

Lots of exciting exhibitions, events and projects have emanated from our Graduate Studio Award Scheme; from to Once More With Feeling(s) an evening of performance and video focusing on cover versions, FFWD the Revolution a performative tour and publication, to Attempts to Get Inside the World a laboratory-style exhibition and symposium. To find out more about our past recipients please click here

Chain curated by Candida Powell-Williams


Image credit: Chain curated by Candida Powell-Williams

Kate Fahey – Repetitive Strain 2017-2018

Working across the boundaries of various mediums including moving-image, sound, stills, sculpture, and installation, Fahey’s practice explores our relationship with images through contemporary screen-based perspectives: aerial, satellite and elevated (drone’s eye) views, particularly in the technological hard and soft wares of encounter. Focusing on imagery predominantly appropriated from YouTube, her multidisciplinary fine art practice engages with the surface and materiality of the aerial image employing metafictional and subjective approaches to their habitual modes of spectatorship online.

Repetitive strain

Sophie Chapman + Kerri Jefferis
What Happened Between?

Sophie Chapman + Kerri Jefferis work exclusively through collaboration, their work explores collective agency and ways to navigate or confront the social structures imposed upon us.

Sophie + Kerri’s work manifests in performance, scored propositions, film and direct acts that are either experienced live or represented via boundary objects: drawings, sculpture, text; that offer poetic records of the events.

Informed by the feminist practice of doing, each project has its own particular set of parameters and infrastructures that seek both a critical and convivial perspective in the context they are located. Common to each work is the desire to bring differing people together, to enact prefigurative forms of resistance and document social time. Each encounter that they stage invites those present to re-orientate, unlearn or embody a different way of being, together.

Image credit: Sophie Chapman + Kerri Jefferis, documentation of Friendsslashcolleagues performed by Chloe Cooper during What Happened Between?

What happened in between?


Image credit: Sophie Chapman + Kerri Jefferis,