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I’m Not in Your Dream or Ima...

I'm not in your dream or imagination

8th-18th March 2018

The struggle to locate a self …



20th-25th March 2018

Five contemporary artists conspire within the …

Myatt Garden

Myatt garden

23rd-24st February 2018
Every year Myatt Garden Primary …


Not only women only

Not only women only

21 March 2018

Image credit: Sophie Chapman and Kerri …

Making Works: Leybridge Estate

Leybridge Estate

July – October 2017

We’re in our fourth year …

Courses and Workshops

Courses and Workshops September 2017-18

September 2017-18

Did you know that a number of …

Artist Development

Richard Parry

Who owns the art world?

14th March 2018

Who Owns the Artworld?

An online panel …

Charles Hayward plays Telegrap...

Modern ritual

21th March 2018

Lewisham Arthouse member

Arthouse member Rosey Prince

Rosey Prince

March 2018

Lewisham Art House member