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A Thousand Configurations

25th-28th January 2019

Echoing Walter Benjamin’s vision of existential possibilities within urban utopias, ‘A Thousand Configurations’ presents the beginnings of a barely envisaged creative formation and the final conclusion of fully realised works. At Lewisham Arthouse, four current students from the MA Drawing course at Wimbledon College of Arts will display new work that considers “what will have been wanted”, monumentalizing the notions of memory and emotional experience, archaeological traces and fleeting biological imprints. Diverse in the content and processes of their respective practices, Silvia de Giorgi, Lucy George, Hannah Gormley and Denise Poote each grapple with notions of process, possibility and memory whether archaeological, biological or experiential.


Silvia De Giorgi’s drawing practice explores the relationship between landscapes and memory. Her photographic works often reflect on her personal connection to the natural surroundings of her home region in the Italian Alps, and the memories associated with it. Her strong interest in landscape, archaeology and prehistoric art recently led her to a research trip to rock art sites in Norway and Sweden. Returning to the UK, Silvia created a series of monumental drawings that reflect her onsite collaborations with archaeologists as they worked to conserve ancient artefacts.

Increasingly concerned by the environmental impact of humans on wildlife, Lucy George uses 2D and 3D line drawings to map how insect behaviour can convey visual information about the decrease in the population of pollinators. Using Ethiopian book binding techniques, she has been working to create a sacred book of the pollinators and, drawing on knotting skills acquired as a climber, she creates welded 3D installations that map the flight paths of bees and other pollinators.

Hannah Gormley’s drawings combine self-portraiture and portraits which challenge and consider the concept of ‘confessional art’. Using coloured pencils, these works focus on the intentional revelation of the private self, revealing specific and often unseen moments of fraught emotional experience embodied within the nude form. By positioning these bodies within hidden domestic interiors, Gormley permits a voyeuristic view into environments’ that questions the extent to which artworks created in this way claim an emotional veracity for the content as a defining feature—regardless of whether or not these ‘confessions’ are constructed or performative.

Denise Poote examines how the embodied experience of drawing relates to the artefact or residue produced in the action/performance of drawing. Her aim is to better understand how the experience of drawing creates a form of shared knowledge with between the maker and her audience. Combining an eclectic mix of printmaking, DIY robotics and video, Denise’s practice attempts to understand the complexities of experience involved in both the making and viewing of art.

Lewisham Arthouse,
140 Lewisham Way,
 London SE14 6PD
Private View: Thursday 24th January 2019, 6-9pm
Opening Times: Thursday 24th January to Saturday 27th January 2019, 12pm-6pm
Sunday 28th January 12pm-4pm.

Raiders of the lost art

Raiders of the lost art

6th-9th December 2018

A group of Camberwell College of Arts graduates including: Savannah Grieve, Alia Hamaoui, Simon Handy, Lowri Heckler, Isabel Mills and Gwenllian Spink, have come together to show a collection of new works. These artists share an interest in functions, mechanisms, lost history and cultural appropriation, which collectively creates the feeling a navigating through an ancient tomb.

Savannah Grieve (b. 1996, London, UK) graduated from Camberwell College of Arts (2018). Recent group shows include ‘FLOCK 2018’ at GX gallery, London. Her current work reflects her time spent in Florence after being awarded the Cedric Morris Foundation Travel award. Grieve’s work has recently been acquired by the UAL collection.

Alia Hamaoui (b.1996, Albi, France) graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2018. She was recently awarded a residency and solo show at Peckham Artist Run. Recent group exhibitions include, ‘Extended Call’ at Subsidiary Projects and ‘The World Tour Inauguration’ at Fivehundredthousand Gallery, Art Licks Weekend. Hamaoui’s work has been acquired by the UAL collection. Her work is currently on show at Hannah Barry Gallery.

Simon Handy (b.1996, Gloucestershire, UK) is a Painting graduate from Camberwell College of Arts. Recent exhibitions include the ‘Orbit UK Graduate Show’ where Simon was selected to exhibit his robotic sculptures at the OXO Tower, Southbank; and ‘Act Natural’, a group exhibition at APT Gallery. In 2017 Simon was awarded the Mead Scholarship which aided the development of his technical practice.

Lowri Heckler (b. 1996, Carmarthen, Wales) is a recent graduate of Camberwell College of Arts (2018). Her work is focused on re-configuring an objects original function and its design. This is achieved by unpicking and re- building the object until it takes on a new form. Heckler’s recently exhibited in a group show at the Flying Dutchman, Camberwell.

Isabel Mills (b.1995, Brighton, UK), is a 2018 Camberwell College of Arts graduate. Group shows include ‘Act Natural’ at APT Gallery in London. Her latest work considers taste, materials and arbitrary objects as well as recent time spent in Vietnam and Japan.

Gwenllian Spink (b. 1996, Hong Kong) graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2018. Recent group shows include ‘Marginalia’, Leiepark, Ghent, ‘Xhibit’, Bermondsey Project Space, London, and ‘Act Natural’, APT Gallery, London. She recently won the Vanguard Court Studio Prize, and upcoming shows include the Elephant x Griffin Art Prize, London and UKYA City Takeover, Nottingham.

Lewisham Arthouse,
140 Lewisham Way,
London SE14 6PD
6th – 9th December 2018 open 12 – 6pm
Private view Wednesday
5th December 6-9pm

Worlds Apart

Words apart

30th Jan-10th Feb 2019.

JAMSHAC artists’ collective presents:
Worlds Apart
Lewisham Arthouse’s latest show, Worlds Apart, may make you smile in the face of chaos, catastrophe and midwinter gloom.
In a gallery packed with innovative new work, ten members of JAMSHAC offer a collection of installations, textiles and paintings that explore a range of contemporary themes, concerns and passions.
Critiques of the ever-strengthening powers that be, utopia/dystopia, as well as reflections on the challenges facing our ecosystems – sit alongside a love of nature and a 21st century take on Rossetti. All these topics are explored in wry, quirky and thought -provoking ways.

It’s a show that definitely offers a different spin on the world today.

Weds 30th Jan – Sun 10th Feb 2019.
Private View: Thurs 31st Jan, 6-9pm.

Lewisham Arthouse,
140 Lewisham Way,
London SE14 6PD.

Project Space



Image credit: photo Francesca Oldfield

Lewisham Art House curates and helps organize contemporary art exhibitions and associated events. The Project Space offers a fantastic opportunity for artists, curators and community groups to realise experimental works, and contribute to an engaging and ambitious programme.

Our hire fee to use the Project Space is amongst the most affordable in London. Please see our terms and conditions (new link/doc) for full details. If you are a curator, artist or someone with an idea, please get in touch

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*The Project Space is now fully booked until summer. We will be reopening applications on April 1st to find projects for our programme July – December 2019. Proposals will not be considered until after April 1st. *

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