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We each have our own landscape

We each have our own landscape

24th-28th July 2019

We Each Have Our Own Landscape reflects a personal element in landscape.
Each artist explores a sense of place as a metaphor for the exploration of the psyche.
Hypnotic waves that peak and fall in a repeating visual mantra, horizons that speak of
a future… almost fictional, landscape employed as a stage, nature anthropomorphised.

The title of this show references the idea of locating one’s self both within a present,
remembered or imagined landscape and also the emotional landscape we each inhabit.
We are primed by Romanticism; offering landscape as an opportunity to create a context
for oneself; it is at once a place and a visual representation of an emotional state.

Building on this romantic tradition of the sublime, there is an established trajectory
that considers the mind-scape. Kant established the idea that the connection
between nature and man, is man’s imagination. Landscape offers an orthodoxy
that is familiar, that instantly brings the viewer into the understanding that they
are participating in the work. The viewer summons a philosophical convention to the
reading of the work.

However living in the Anthropocene age we humans require too much of nature… we
imbue landscape with an artifice that it clearly can not support. Therefore we are all on
the verge of processing a shift in our relationship with nature.

For more information about the artists, please visit:

24th—28th July 12—6pm
Private view: Wednesday 24th July 6—9pm

Lewisham Arthouse
140 Lewisham Way
SE15 3BJ

Departure Lounge

Departure lounge

18th – 21st July 2019

Location, landscape and setting can be experienced by the artist through observation, memory and imagination. There is an indelible connection between time and place, which the act of painting and drawing can attempt to access and interpret. During the making process distortions occur as the artist responds to the layering of paint, marks and colour. Place and image start to transform as they are remembered or imagined in the studio, inspired by notes, photos or studies drawn in a sketchbook. Departure Lounge explores the concept of place and environment through painting, print and drawing. Each artist responds to this theme differently, both in terms of their subject matter and artistic process.

Charlie Reed attempts to capture a specific moment, recording and documenting the changing topography of London. He explores the relationship between the cyclical natural world and the expanding and shifting environment of the city – focusing on London’s waterways. The flowing water of a river is a constant in the ever-changing environment it dissects.

Anthony Banks uses paint as both a means of encryption and description; camouflaging or disrupting his subjects, allowing them to hide in plain sight. Often using symbols of modernity or industrialisation as allegory, he plays with their assertions, displacing or reimagining these archetypes to create discordance. His paintings are deliberately slow in their production. During the gradual making process the façade of the painting becomes worn, imbued with a tangible history, a geological layering of paint.

For George Little, the idea of place and environment is examined through a research-based studio practice, looking at the interrelationship between Modernism and sites of eating and drinking. He explores how the archetypes and aesthetics within the dining experience collate with those of modernist ideals.

The three artists met whilst studying Fine Art Painting at Brighton University between 2007 and 2010 and have since studied at the Royal Drawing School and the Royal College of Art. Although they each use a different visual language, their paintings share certain aesthetic qualities. Departure Lounge creates a dialogue between the three artistic processes and explores how each painter has developed since working in close proximity ten years ago.


18 – 21 July 2019
Open 12-6pm Thur, Fri, Sat
Open 12-4pm Sun
Private View Thursday 18 July, 6-9pm

Lewisham Arthouse,
140 Lewisham Way,
London, SE14 6PD

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Image credit: photo Francesca Oldfield

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