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Mittens Got Talent

26th November 2023

26 November – 3 December 2023

Moina Moin brings you Mittens Got Talent! An audio-visual exhibition of wearable sculpture inspired by haystack folklore, muddy bogs, fast food and amateur contemporary dance. Alongside her show will run a series of performative events that will physically bring Moina’s sculptures to life and will involve live audio responses to the unique acoustics of Lewisham Arthouse’s architecture. Expect experimental opera, pipes and chips.

Moina Moin (b.1998, Stroud, England) is a recent graduate of Goldsmiths Fine Art BA (2023), and an alumni of Open School East (2022) and the Drawing School (2017). Known for her exuberant and fun installations and performance pieces, featuring spikey ceramics, wearable sculptures, printed textiles and animations. Within her world building, Moina brings together casual public improvisations with immersive meticulous storytelling, often using found materials, friends and strangers, whose characteristics jump in the driver’s seat and keep her projects in an energetic state of play and the unknown.  

Sticky Fingers Publishing Fair

11 November 23

Date: 11th November 2023
11am – 5pm

Come along to the inaugural Sticky Fingers Publishing Fair, an event bringing together Sticky Fingers’ friends, collaborators and allies for a fair celebrating feminist, queer, disabled-led and local interdisciplinary publishing.

Featuring Em-Dash, Sissy Anarchy, Sold Out Publishing, Toothgrinder Press, Think Big Read Library, Intellitrash, Ruth Beale, Arcadia Missa, Abstract Supply, Montez Press, Emily Pope, PageMasters, BitterSweet Review & more!

The communal table will feature work by:
Antifragile Zine
Brewer Street Press
Carrion Press
Chloe Cooper
Elena Thompson
Elliot (Xiao Zhang)
Elspeth Walker
Emma Crabtree
Erika Verlato / Départ pour l’Image
Ester Freider
Fuseless Fan
Hayley Jane Dawson
In Lucid Dreams We Dance
Iseol Hwang
Joseph Hewlett-Hall
K Walker
Lea Dippold
Léann Herlihy
Leo Wilder
Lydia Davies
Maisie Wills
Marzipan Press (Daniel Wilkinson)
Michelle Leano
Minimum Efficiency Press
Peas Press
Residency 11:11
RING art space
Ruoqi Zheng
Shelly Grotto
SICK magazine
Soul Miles / Lily McCraith
Svatopluk Ručka
Tangled Tongues / Lenguas Enredadas
The Elegists Collective
Tomara Garrod

The Gallery at the Lewisham Arthouse has completely step-free access, with an accessible toilet and baby changing.

We will be programming a quiet hour from 12–1pm. During this period there will be no music, and stallholders will not make small talk with you should you approach their table. We will also have a quiet space available all day, however please note the quiet space is up two flights of stairs with no step free access.

KN95 masks will be supplied on the door, and we will be requesting that you wear one unless you are exempt. Please note that during the fair Lewisham Arthouse will have other events happening in the building and its regular studio occupants coming and going, and so we can’t guarantee that in the communal areas of the building people will be wearing masks. We ask you to do a lateral flow test before coming if you are able, and if you are feeling unwell with Covid symptoms then please stay at home.

The Arthouse will be running a tea/coffee stand, and a donations bar.

All Watched Over By Machines of Tight Embrace

11 November 23

16 November 2023, 7-11pm

melanie bonajo, Progress vs Regress, 2016, HD video, 54 min, courtesy the artist & AKINCI

bill daggs

In her seminal 1984 essay, ‘A Cyborg Manifesto’, Donna Haraway identifies the fallacy of technology as a neutral tool beholden to human mastery. She states: “we’re inside of what we make, and it’s inside of us. We’re living in a world of connections—and it matters which ones get made and unmade” (Haraway, 1985, p.149). With this insight, Haraway frames the nuanced, mutually constitutive relationship human subjects inhabit with the technology that sustains their daily lives. This revelation underscores that any technology materialised from a present sociopolitical context is ultimately steeped in the prejudices that characterise the day. Rather than simply a set of safeguards against impending futures, technological innovation reveals itself as a mirror, reflecting our contemporary context and the systems that uphold it.

This exhibition delves into the complex interplay between emerging technologies and human existence. Rather than setting up a bifurcated genealogy of nature vs technology–the roar of technological progress in one corner, and a floundering natural world in the other–the works in this show confront the challenges and opportunities presented by these innovations. They delve into the joys and the perils of technology’s ability to connect our lives across geographies, glimpse into our social systems, rethink the materiality of the world around us, and challenge what we consider to be recognisable life. In doing so, this show aims to spark conversations about our place within an ever evolving landscape.

Arna Beth
David Blandy
Dian and Lucy
Ece Tan
Inés Miño Izquierdo
Issi Nanabeyin


The Project Space is run with the aim of providing affordable exhibition space and a platform for emerging artists, community groups and those who have been unable to find support/space through traditional gallery routes. In doing this we hope to provide a vibrant program of exhibitions for our local community, creating an opportunity for people to enjoy, discuss and engage with contemporary art in an informal and accessible setting. Alongside the program of hire shows we also facilitate larger projects and residencies that focus on our core aims of outreach and community engagement. We are always interested to hear from local artists, curators and community groups with proposals for larger projects or who are interested in forming creative partnerships with the Arthouse.
Lewisham Arthouse is committed to ensuring our Project Space is accessible for anyone to hire. We acknowledge that social barriers may influence participation in, and enjoyment of the arts. In an effort to address this in our local communities, our application process is open to everyone, regardless of age or educational background. We particularly welcome applications from non-white, Black, Asian and minority ethnicity individuals and groups.

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Hire Terms and Conditions 2022

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Hire Fees – rates from May 2022 as follows:

2 weeks = £460 (Minimum booking)
3 weeks = £632.50
4 weeks = £782

Due to increased running costs and energy bills, hire fees have increased by 15% as of May 2022. This is inline with an increase in studio rent paid by Arthouse members and will be reviewed regularly.

Send your applications to:

Project Space
Lewisham Arthouse
140 Lewisham Way
London SE14 6PD