Flower power continues

16-17th June 2018

Here are a few picture of the event run by Lewisham Arthouse’s Laura Ximena Carlé. Thank you to everyone who attended.

FLOWER POWER is a series of free art events throughout the summer, brought to you by Lewisham Arthouse in the Brockley area.
Our first three workshops have already taken place from making fantastic street clay ornaments to wake up Rokeby Road, and for making a mark with the local community to building dens and tunnels animals live in during a free W/e workshop in Luxmore Gardens. In total we already had over one hundred participants of all ages.
The FLOWER POWER project is designed to kick start an on-going process
of art based social engagement and care for our
environment, addressing complex issues surrounding the relationship between
communities and their local environments.

Flower Power is proving very successful in numbers of people engaged of all ages, and fruitful in terms of creativity, community engagement, and new community links.

The project has introduced and encouraged members of the local community to use green spaces. New collaborations have been formed between artists and community leaders which have already inspired a legacy of related collaborative workshops at events in local community gardens.