Alternative Degree Show

17th June 2021

17-23 June

Over the past year, the pandemic and current political movements have illuminated the glaring inadequacies of arts institutions as spaces fit and able to engage in activities of decolonisation and critical anti-racism; demonstrating the need to re-imagine what a ‘degree show’ can be. In support for, and in protest of, the silence of our department on these urgent matters we want to re-imagine and re-define what a degree show can look like, how it can operate, and the ways in which it provides access to the local community. We are therefore choose to take this event outside of the educational institution and into the social/public environment.

The Alternative Degree Show manifests as an art trail across Lewisham Borough, including traditional art venues, public spaces, and community centres. It is a group project predicated on community building and the desire to allow art to breathe outside of the educational institution. It includes the dynamic and exciting work of graduating students on the BA Fine Art & History of Art programme at Goldsmiths, University of London.