As_ blink

As__: the blink of an eye

As_ blink

18th-21st October 2018

Ting Hsu
As__: The blink of an eye

18th October- 21st October
Private view: 18th October 6-10pm
Lewisham Arthouse,
140 Lewisham Way,
London SE14 6PD

Ting Hsu, born in Taiwan,1993. Recently graduated from the University of Arts London,
Chelsea College of Arts and honoured with a fine art master degree.
“What did you see when you blink? You don’t know because it happened too quickly. Maybe
it was a negative image, maybe you were dreaming.”
—- Robert Wilson
Deeply believe in photography is a continuous life experience, Hsu’s practices concentrate
on the relation of time, space and existence. Her ways of seeing photography is no longer a
conclusion or capitation of a single moment, but as the duration of perceiving, constructing
and deconstructing the light, space and time altogether.

This exhibition is the second part of:
As__: Rolling Exhibition of Asian Artists
Hao-Chun Hsieh, Ting Hsu, Xueyu Liu
Curated by Ruby Lau

As__: Rolling Exhibition of Asian Artists is a three-week exhibition that includes three Asian
artists’ solo show individually yet collectively. Through the lens of their artistic practices, this
exhibition aims to offer the viewers a multi-version of perceptual experience and the
cognition of self-identity in relation to the perception of the space in the context of living in a
foreign land.