As_ travelling

As__: travelling in the armchair

As_ travelling

25th-28th October 2018

Xueyu Liu
As__: Travelling in the armchair
25th October- 28th October
Private view 25th October 6-10pm.
Lewisham Arthouse,
140 Lewisham Way,
London SE14 6PD

Xueyu Liu, born in China, graduated from the University of Arts London, Chelsea College of
Arts, MA fine art. Through the lens of her unique visual logic, Xueyu Liu’s works provide us
new narratives to view the relation between everyday objects and the space of its
surrounding. By dissembling the objects and deconstructing the original purpose, she
creates a resonance between spatial perception and the subjective reconstruction with a
poetic sense. A sensuous narrative was formed by the loss of functionality and the found an
ineffable familiarity, which aims to bring the viewers to a surreal wonderland.

This exhibition is the third part of:
As__: Rolling Exhibition of Asian Artists
Hao-Chun Hsieh, Ting Hsu, Xueyu Liu
Curated by Ruby Lau

As__: Rolling Exhibition of Asian Artists is a three-week exhibition that includes three Asian
artists’ solo show individually yet collectively. Through the lens of their artistic practices, this
exhibition aims to offer the viewers a multi-version of perceptual experience and the
cognition of self-identity in relation to the perception of the space in the context of living in a
foreign land.