24th-28th June 2015

Imprints is an exhibition of prints by participants in the Printing without a Press workshop at Lewisham Arthouse. With a focus on monoprinting, but including other forms of relief printing, press free printing encourages great creativity and a remarkable diversity in the work produced.

The exhibition includes experienced artists as well as beginners, some who have been attending the workshop since it began nearly 15 years ago and others who have just started but all the prints demonstrate the exciting possibilities of press-free printing. The work in the exhibition includes a range of printmaking media including monoprints, lino, woodcuts and relief printing but all have been printed by hand.

Artists include: Emma Jo Bairstow, Andrew Cieciala, Lucy Cooper, Hadjira Elkadi, Dick Graham, Anita Gwynn, Craig Hilton, Michelle James, John Jukes Johnson, Joanna Lewis, Rachel Pank, Sarah Perkins, Rosey Prince, Victoria Smart, Heather Steed, Reuben Thurnhill, Eleanor Watson, Robin Stannard, Florence Youngs, Milly Youngs

For more info about the exhibition and Printing without Press workshops please contact
Rosey Prince


SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC [toggle]Image credits: Imprints, Amanda Francis[/toggle]