My Playground

An exhibition by Clair Tighe and Nina Necak
7th – 11th November 2012


An exhibition by Clair Tighe and Nina Necak

Clair Tighe

At the age of 7 the Arthouse was like a massive playground for me. I ran around, played with the pottery wheel and explored all the old rooms. At the age of 17 I see it as a haven for artists wanting to live their dreams. Using Photography, this exhibition highlights the artists in their habitat and shows that it is not only who they are, but what they do. The Arthouse is a gateway for creative thinking and you can help it by coming to see my exhibition.

Nina Necak

At the age of 7, and through The Adoption Service, Clair chose me to be one of her new parents. We instantly bonded, and my work through the media of Ceramics, Printmaking and Painting shares some of the joys of family life.