Ludicrous Alchemy

16th – 25th June 2023

Ludicrous Alchemy
A lustful exhibition of fever-dream work from
Flora Bradwell and Jazmin Donaldson
PV: Thu 15 June 6-9pm
Open: 16-25 June, Wed-Sun, 12-6pm
Lewisham Art House
140 Lewisham Way
London SE14 6PD

Ludicrous Alchemy brings together artists Flora Bradwell and Jazmin Donaldson for a
salacious two hander exhibition. Animal hybrids cavort on acid green lawns, tiled floors
become enormous knickers swimming behind Victorian archways. Each artists’ work is
deeply rooted in dream worlds of their own making with a hallucinatory narrative quality.
The surreal visual stories exposed by Bradwell and Donaldson in their high octane
paintings are charged with symbolism and humour. Beneath the highly pigmented surface
lies a desire to subvert patriarchal norms and pick through multiplicities of meaning.
Bradwell’s work has a compulsion towards the carnivalesque, a vibrant trashy aesthetic
and the desire to playfully rub the fantastical against the everyday. Compositions of
frescoes, cult manifestoes and nursery rhymes are squeezed through a generously
grotesque filter to create dimly recognizable imagined worlds.
Donaldson is inspired by old fairy tales and myths where she re-uses already known motifs
in order to tell contemporary stories and concerns. Through different imagery she
examines themes of identity and perception while playing with the absurd. She is
specifically interested in what femininity can mean and the subjectivity of the female
Ludicrous Alchemy nods towards the strange architecture that houses each artists’ stories
and invites the viewer to immerse them self in this playful multi sensory exhibition. We
can’t wait to invite you into our rollicking dream-scape.

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