The Question Market?

An arena of exchange: 5 performance events in 3 hours
30th August 2013, 6-9pm

30 minute drum rool

Bridget Scott makes work that takes movement to expressionist terrain, adapting a variety of approaches to achieve places of vulnerabilty. She lives in Kyoto, which naturally informs her work.

Charles Hayward is a musician, songwriter and performer. 40 years at the coalface of the European underground.

Harmergeddon is Nathan and Fae Harmer, a duo of sound artists, utilising a hybrid technology from the hinterlands of now.

Merlin is an emerging performance artist, using movement, word, character and costume for her own reasons. She will bring her friends.

The evening will feature 5 performance pieces:

The BELL AGENCY is a study in cooperation and concentration. For 3 or more players.

Bridget Scott will slowly unfold an UNTITLED movement piece involving gesture and stillness that takes its cues from the Arthouse gallery space. Nathan Harmer and Charles Hayward will provide live soundtrack.

Harmergeddon will play their sound in semi-darkness, enhanced by the flickering TV monitor and LED devices, music from the dreamtime.

30 MINUTE SNARE DRUM ROLL does pretty much what it says, as Charles Hayward takes the limited sonic palette of the snare drum roll and uses it to build a 30 minute sound world of inflection and structure, a pencil thin line of sound.

MODEL VILLAGE is a collection of miniatures, song, movement, spoken word and sketches.