The Greenness of the Green Fields Supernal

24th February 2022

Open: 24th-28th February 12-6 pm
Private View: 24th 6-9pm

The Greenness of the Green Fields Supernal is an exhibition of recent paintings by Gabriela Giroletti and Henry Tyrrell which explores their uses of ambiguous organic forms that recycle and mutate across their bodies of work. The title comes from a passage in Flann O’Brien’s surreal novel The Third Policeman where he describes the protagonist’s walk through a landscape of morphing hills and sky, where the properties of the objects encountered, like their colour and scale, break free and enter the mind in a pure state. Riffing off this theme, the exhibition uses Giroletti and Tyrrell’s paintings to construct a landscape-like journey meandering around horizon lines, zooming into details, dipping above and below ground. The array of different painting processes and types of gestures in their work are also brought into dialogue with one another.

Gabriela Giroletti
Henry Tyrrell