17th October 2014


V4V launch their new album IN / OUT, an 8 CD-R realisation of the same shape/same details constantly re-configured one against another, like 3D chess. A limited edition of 300 with hand-made cover art.

V4V features DJ BPM (breaking out from the Grime mould for which her ResonanceFM radio show is increasingly acclaimed) building flickering ghost storms of sound, meshing with Vern Edwards’ serpentine cartoon guitar. Served on a bedrock of churning and fractured funk from the telepathic rhythmic architectures of Nick Doyne-Ditmas (bass guitar, flugelhorn) and Charles Hayward (drums).

FIRST: In a zone of it’s own with a lovely gallop, First keep the skin free from blemishes and the heart from aching 99.9 percent of the time. First are odd but familiar, animated and fruitfully nihilistic with no added sugar and using raw ingredients when possible. They are open from 7-11 at weekends and are not involved in any terrorist activity to speak of. Blisters, bliss and bananas, tender yet awkward nights at the disco. But don’t panic! First can also mean last…… to leave or to worry; it depends on context. Remember the first beak of a duck, crest of a wave and the first nib of a pencil and you’ll almost actually be there.

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Music Video “First – Unconsciousness/Happiness”
Music Video “First – Champagne With Sean Penn”

Entry £5

No bar bring your own refreshment