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Category: Project Space - Year: 2016

Kerri Jefferis and Sophie Chapma...

13 December

London Road: The ballad of RAY +...

23 November

Abolish Trout

17 November

Urban Memories

3 November

Freddie Thomas presents Well Proud

29 October

Winter Fair 2016 – Stall B...

29 October

Curatorial Open 2016 – The...

19 September

One One Seven | Ghost House Gone...

16 September


31 August

The White Pube presents: Zayn Ma...

26 August


17 August

Oliver Campbell: Good God

10 August

Marion Phillini Invites You to J...

29 July

How the Hares are Dying: Private...

15 July

Children’s Art Sale from B...

6 July

Fracture: Rory Biddulph | Kate H...

24 June

The Overview Effect

8 June

“it was quick but fun̶...

27 May

Chris Alton: the man who moved t...

17 May

MOVENZE: London Fragments of a J...

27 April

About Space

13 April

Lausch II

7 April

We Need To Talk About Heaven

25 March

nonfictional, Winters/Lane/Spine...

19 March

The Garden of Forking Paths

11 March

Echomusic presents…

5 March

School Of The Damned: End Of Year

4 March

Myatt Garden School Presents

20 February


1 February


30 January

‘What Fresh Hell Is This?&...

22 January