I N V I T E 100

Townly Cooke & Mary Louise Evans
6th April 2013


I N V I T E 100 was an Event/Exhibition on Saturday April 6th 2013 that marked the 100th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone for the then Deptford Central Library, now the Lewisham Arthouse Grade II listed building.

In 1913 over 70 people sent RSVP letters accepting or declining their invitation to this ceremony that celebrated this new building which honoured the then progressive idea of libraries open to all.

We invited today’s inhabitants of the same addresses that attended the ceremony on Saturday April 5th 1913. Copies of the letters and archival material will be exhibited alongside new work documenting the process and response to the invitation.

All were welcome to join us to celebrate this building and be part of this event. For further details contact Townly Cooke at townlycooke@googlemail.com or Mary Louise Evans at evansmarylouise@gmail.com

Thanks to Lewisham Local History and Archive Centre.