15th July 2021

Thursday 15th – Sunday 25th July [12 – 6pm]
Drinks Reception – 23rd July 2021 [5 – 8pm]
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To someone a thought occurred – and it plunged their brain into a vortex of reoccurring notions following one another. The tinkling, fuzzy feeling of that spiral of thoughts giving birth to each other, endlessly multiplying, left them sitting uncomfortably for hours. The physical sensation of being externally trapped became blurred with internal fear.
Eternity moment seemed now like business as usual, almost good. That someone’s heart however felt heavy – a warning sign! Their chest indeed felt very tight…
Eventually the brain could not stop ruminating on it all. “Get me out of here, I’m so *vortexed*!” that someone shouted! To whom?

Paula Turmina
Kate Lyddon
Adam Leach
Angela Maasalu