24th April 2024

The exhibition will be open daily 24 April and 7 May at The Lewisham Art House, between 12 noon-6pm.
The preview will be on 24 April, from 6 to 9pm, with live harp music by Shye Charles.

Palvinder Nangla’s upcoming exhibition at the Lewisham Art House will offer viewers an enchanting delight and an insight into how he expresses himself through embroidery art.

Inspired by the notion of the traditional theme of dowry, Antenna will be an exhibition of 40 antennas as if each of them were a piece of an Indian wedding dowry; the 20 days and 20 nights of a traditional wedding are expressed in the 40 pieces that are a delicate presentation of lunéville embroidery techniques.

Using embroidery he mastered in his studies in Paris, Palvinder enters a meditative state of mind, connecting with the fact that nothing is ever permanent, always in motion, moving back and forth, like the movements between positive and negative, or black and white. The pieces then become a focus for clarity and calm, like the items of a dowry, important, nostalgic, meaningful and grounding.