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Mittens Got Talent

26th November 2023

26 November – 3 December 2023

Moina Moin brings you Mittens Got Talent! An audio-visual exhibition of wearable sculpture inspired by haystack folklore, muddy bogs, fast food and amateur contemporary dance. Alongside her show will run a series of performative events that will physically bring Moina’s sculptures to life and will involve live audio responses to the unique acoustics of Lewisham Arthouse’s architecture. Expect experimental opera, pipes and chips.

Moina Moin (b.1998, Stroud, England) is a recent graduate of Goldsmiths Fine Art BA (2023), and an alumni of Open School East (2022) and the Drawing School (2017). Known for her exuberant and fun installations and performance pieces, featuring spikey ceramics, wearable sculptures, printed textiles and animations. Within her world building, Moina brings together casual public improvisations with immersive meticulous storytelling, often using found materials, friends and strangers, whose characteristics jump in the driver’s seat and keep her projects in an energetic state of play and the unknown.  

All Watched Over By Machines of Tight Embrace

11 November 23

16 November 2023, 7-11pm

melanie bonajo, Progress vs Regress, 2016, HD video, 54 min, courtesy the artist & AKINCI

bill daggs

In her seminal 1984 essay, ‘A Cyborg Manifesto’, Donna Haraway identifies the fallacy of technology as a neutral tool beholden to human mastery. She states: “we’re inside of what we make, and it’s inside of us. We’re living in a world of connections—and it matters which ones get made and unmade” (Haraway, 1985, p.149). With this insight, Haraway frames the nuanced, mutually constitutive relationship human subjects inhabit with the technology that sustains their daily lives. This revelation underscores that any technology materialised from a present sociopolitical context is ultimately steeped in the prejudices that characterise the day. Rather than simply a set of safeguards against impending futures, technological innovation reveals itself as a mirror, reflecting our contemporary context and the systems that uphold it.

This exhibition delves into the complex interplay between emerging technologies and human existence. Rather than setting up a bifurcated genealogy of nature vs technology–the roar of technological progress in one corner, and a floundering natural world in the other–the works in this show confront the challenges and opportunities presented by these innovations. They delve into the joys and the perils of technology’s ability to connect our lives across geographies, glimpse into our social systems, rethink the materiality of the world around us, and challenge what we consider to be recognisable life. In doing so, this show aims to spark conversations about our place within an ever evolving landscape.

Arna Beth
David Blandy
Dian and Lucy
Ece Tan
Inés Miño Izquierdo
Issi Nanabeyin

Sticky Fingers Publishing Fair

11 November 23

Date: 11th November 2023
11am – 5pm

Come along to the inaugural Sticky Fingers Publishing Fair, an event bringing together Sticky Fingers’ friends, collaborators and allies for a fair celebrating feminist, queer, disabled-led and local interdisciplinary publishing.

Featuring Em-Dash, Sissy Anarchy, Sold Out Publishing, Toothgrinder Press, Think Big Read Library, Intellitrash, Ruth Beale, Arcadia Missa, Abstract Supply, Montez Press, Emily Pope, PageMasters, BitterSweet Review & more!

The communal table will feature work by:
Antifragile Zine
Brewer Street Press
Carrion Press
Chloe Cooper
Elena Thompson
Elliot (Xiao Zhang)
Elspeth Walker
Emma Crabtree
Erika Verlato / Départ pour l’Image
Ester Freider
Fuseless Fan
Hayley Jane Dawson
In Lucid Dreams We Dance
Iseol Hwang
Joseph Hewlett-Hall
K Walker
Lea Dippold
Léann Herlihy
Leo Wilder
Lydia Davies
Maisie Wills
Marzipan Press (Daniel Wilkinson)
Michelle Leano
Minimum Efficiency Press
Peas Press
Residency 11:11
RING art space
Ruoqi Zheng
Shelly Grotto
SICK magazine
Soul Miles / Lily McCraith
Svatopluk Ručka
Tangled Tongues / Lenguas Enredadas
The Elegists Collective
Tomara Garrod

The Gallery at the Lewisham Arthouse has completely step-free access, with an accessible toilet and baby changing.

We will be programming a quiet hour from 12–1pm. During this period there will be no music, and stallholders will not make small talk with you should you approach their table. We will also have a quiet space available all day, however please note the quiet space is up two flights of stairs with no step free access.

KN95 masks will be supplied on the door, and we will be requesting that you wear one unless you are exempt. Please note that during the fair Lewisham Arthouse will have other events happening in the building and its regular studio occupants coming and going, and so we can’t guarantee that in the communal areas of the building people will be wearing masks. We ask you to do a lateral flow test before coming if you are able, and if you are feeling unwell with Covid symptoms then please stay at home.

The Arthouse will be running a tea/coffee stand, and a donations bar.

“I don’t know what I want, but I want it NOW!”

27 October 23

2nd – 12th November 2023
Private View 2 Nov 2023 Thu 6 – 8 pm
Opening hours: Thurs – Sun 12 to 17:00

Gallery: Art in Perpetuity Trust (APT)
6, Creekside, Deptford, London, SE8 4SA | Tel: 020 8694 8344

“I don’t know what I want, but I want it NOW!”
With the title from a quote by Vivian Stanshall, the exhibition explores themes of immediacy, urgency, compulsion and capitalism with works by artists from different global perspectives and moments in time.
“I don’t know what I want, but I want it NOW!” presents an international, European exhibition of new and existing visual art, multimedia, sound and performance works that explore the interplay between the urgency in politically and environmentally precarious times.
Viewers are invited to embark on a thoughtful journey through the exhibition space and experience a cross-cultural dialogue with the artists’ works. From immersive videos to 2D and 3D works and sound, the concept or idea is to focus on the extreme conditions we currently live under, both economically and psychologically. At the same time, it explores what Buddhists call “hungry ghosts”, beings tormented by a desire that can never be satisfied.
This phrase is borrowed from a satire by Vivian Stanshall that eerily fits today’s distribution of deprivation and overconsumption.
All the works will respond to the title in its broadest sense, “I don’t know what I want, but I want it now!”
Curated and produced by Alma Tischlerwood
For further information contact

ARTISTS (25) :
Andrew Carmichael † (UK), Alan Dunn (UK), Brigitte Jurack (D), Bim Malcomson (UK), Alix Stadtbaeumer (D), Alma Tischlerwood (D/UK), Aoife Collins † (IRE),
Chris Marshall (UK), Cornelia Parker (UK), Cyril Lepetit (F/UK) Gordon Cheung (UK, Joanna Jones (UK), John Wood (UK), Kathy Kenny (CA), Luca Bosani (I), Leila Ziu (UK), Marcel Duchamp † (F/USA), Matthias Spiess (CH), Matthew Bamber (UK), Nicolas Deshayes (F), Robert Welch (UK), Rosemary Cronin (UK), Skall (F), Steve Hellier (UK), Yutaka Inagawa (JP)

Education programme/Performances @APT Gallery, 6 Creekside, SE8 4SA:
The exhibition also presents 1 performance and 2 public workshops that require no prior training or skills. These events invite creative participation and aim to develop the participant’s ability to look, listen and respond spontaneously to the world around us.

MEET ME AT.. is a performance that combines the worlds of visual art, performance and dance. Led by a visual artist and a choreographer, this project aims to develop a deeper understanding of how movement and art intersect and influence each other.

Another Day Another Archetype

27 October 23

27 October – 5 November 2023
Private view: Friday, 27 October 6-9pm
Opening Hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 12-6pm

Are archetypes the fundamental essence of things? Do they represent something deeper that exists beyond our perception? Or are archetypes simply symbolic attempts to make things relatable? Are archetypal roles like ‘hero,’ ‘mother,’ and ‘introvert’ just narrow human constructs that don’t accurately capture the complexity of reality?

Perhaps archetypes serve as reference points in an infinite web of possibilities for understanding relationships. Do they take shape from a collective consciousness, manifesting individually and perceived differently, or are they too simplistic when compared to the intricacies of human existence? The things people like you buy, the cultural influences in your daily life – from clothing and food choices to beliefs and online identities – are all at once woven into your everyday existence and distinct qualities in their own right.

Can archetypes bend to us rather than us to them? Perhaps modern, and more flippant archetypes could develop, twist, and break old paradigms, or they may just be old ones with new faces.

Alfred Worrall – @__aelfraed__
Alfred’s work is currently based around eBay, finding curious objects, reflections of sellers, interestingly photographed objects and incidental backgrounds that offer voyeuristic views of people’s interiors; homes, shops and warehouses. The types of objects and lives seen obliquely are sometimes quintessential examples of periods of time, styles and fashions. Also, while searching eBay, an algorithmic type-casting, or essence extraction, happens where you, yourself, become an archetype, i.e. ‘someone like you’.

Eva Duerden – @eva.duerden
Eva is engaged in the creating and the exercising of tools and props, and understanding how we activate them as short hands, for what we hope to project of our internal world. Whether these objects are keys on a belt, shoes that make a distinctive sound, or our specific jacket, they work to communicate us through the associations and importance that we imbue them with. Signifiers that allow us to perform the ‘character’, paraphernalia that is a ‘tell’ to how we want to assert ourselves, or, what archetypes resonate with us.

Lijin Zhu – @zh.u.zhu
Lijin’s works attempt to ask about the inertia structure that is hidden in everyday details, and she substitutes the invisible direction of inertia into an image, the wind, letting this image shuttle between reality and conception. She uses video and installations to present the wind’s manifest form, power, trajectory, and so on, dialectically reflecting on the conditions under which directionality arises and the archetypes through which mutual identity occurs.

Lucy Robson – @lucymary__robson
Lucy’s work is interested in the competing and emerging definitions of femininity of our time. She draws on traditional painting methods, and filmic compositional devices, to explore archetypal female constructs, as shaped by popular culture compounded by social media.
Her work wishes to reclaim the frivolity and self-indulgence long-since associated with girlhood, without rushing to subvert or transform. The freeze-frame style of depiction, coupled with the dramatic crop, brings the viewer sharply to the moment. The motifs and hands amplify her gesture, and resist the subject’s assigned place as ‘bearer of meaning.’

Vincent Matuschka – @vincent.matuschka
Vincent is a mixed media artist. His works are new narratives about dismantling the known and challenging the unknown. All of this is mostly paired with humour and play. Vincent believes that the known is not inspiring, it is the unknown that changes the thinking. His work explores different ways of challenging awareness and consciousness in our behaviour and structures in our world. Archetypes can be instrumentalized to play with

2 studios available

Studios Available at The Lewisham Arthouse

Studio Details:
Studio One

Permanent space- 110 sq ft at £73.40 per month available from the 1st November
This is space is shared with another member on the ground floor with natural light and a door

Studio 2

12 month sublet- 170 sq ft at £109 per month available from the 1st November
This studio is on the first floor, has a natural light and a door

Application deadline 27th September by 6pm.
Shortlisted Applicants will be contacted for an interview shortly after this date.
Interviews will be held in the week commencing the 2nd October 2023 from 6.30pm onwards via Zoom.

Lewisham Arthouse is pleased to announce that we have a new permanent studio and a 12 month studio sublet available from the start of November. We are an artist run cooperative based in the old Deptford library on Lewisham Way. Studio rent includes electricity, water, building insurance and service charges. Access to WiFi and an outdoor working area is also available.

Besides paying rent studio members are required to contribute at least 5 work hours per month in support of Lewisham Arthouse. These work hours provide staffing for our Learning, Exhibition and Events programmes as well as the running of the building and keep both the studio rents and facilities affordable. Roles are hands-on and include; working on the rolling program of exhibitions and events, fundraising, implementing education programmes, PR, health and safety and building maintenance. It’s a great way to gain professional skills and valuable experience of working within an active and friendly community organisation. Studio membership is allocated according to artistic consistency, the qualities a candidate can offer the working cooperative, a positive attitude and a commitment to be present in Lewisham Arthouse for a minimum amount of time each month. We are an equal opportunities group and will endeavour to meet each individual’s needs as much as possible.

If you are interested in joining The Lewisham Arthouse Studio Cooperative please do send an application in. Below is the information that we require in the application. Please apply either over email to or by post to:
The Lewisham Arthouse
FAO Allocations
140 Lewisham Way
SE14 6PD

Application procedure:
* A statement (no more than 200 words) outlining your practice and areas of interest and an indication of how you wish to use this opportunity
*A statement (no more than 150 words) highlighting what you could contribute and how the cooperative would work for you.
* Artists CV (no more than 2 sides of A4)
* Equal Opportunities Form 2022

* CD or files with up to ten images or for time-based work DVD (pieces or excerpts should be no longer than 5 minutes). If you are sending over email where possible please keep the files to a reasonable size. We will accept whatever format is easiest for you to render the work in. If We transfer can be avoided that would be great as it sets a limit on the duration of time the images can be viewed.
* Corresponding list of titles, media and dimensions should be included.
* Two details of references academic or personal who we can contact if your application is successful

Please note that due to the high number of applications we receive we will not be contacting those who are not shortlisted and will be unable to offer feedback. For the same reason we are also unable to organise viewings prior to the interview.

If you have any queries regarding your application please contact us at and we will respond as soon possible