Berliner Mauer Dunkelheit

24th April – 5th May 2013


Mystique and Mundanity

A study of the fallen Berlin Wall aims to reinvent the mystique of a famous city by elevating the mundane

Press photographer Haydn West and filmmaker Tom Sands spent five nights documenting what they saw over a nocturnal six mile walk along the route of the fallen Berlin Wall, using 35mm black & white film, a DSLR and radio microphones.

Kunst Photo-Projekt used the photographs and film as the starting point for an installation of photographs, film, sound-design and 3D work. The personal vision of the artists investigates the mystique of the Berlin Wall. The photographer used a film camera while being filmed by a cameraman using a digital camera. The two types of media are exhibited side by side, encouraging the viewer to reflect on the reliability of information in our world today.