Upcoming Event

Nature Encapsulated

16th September 2020

Weds 16th – Saturday 19th, 12 -6pm
Sunday 20th, 12 – 3pm
Private View Thursday 17th, 7 -9pm

Please pre book a free time slot via Eventbrite for the private view

Nature Encapsulated is a group show gathering artists, most of them based in South London, in the mission to explore the definition of wilderness. This definition is often very subjective as everyone has a different way of thinking about Nature, feeling,
seeing or experiencing it. We aim to explore the difficulty of defining wilderness in our current world and our ways to live within it. We want to bring an optimistic perspective on the preservation and utilisation of nature and hope to inspire and incite positiveness.
The exhibition will be a recognition of the crucial importance of wilderness left on earth, the power of nature on the mind, the possibilities of ethical utilisation of nature, and the positive impacts of protected areas on nature and the animal world.

Featuring work by:
Abi Aldridge-Apaza
Zerrin Asir
Tom Davies
Jono Ganz
Roanna Holmes-Frodsham
Miriam Luehrs
Caitlin Parks
Tom Scotcher
Jade They
Messua Wolff

Curated by:
Segolene Py


8th October 2020

Georgie Andrews | Joseph Clarke | Umut Gunduz | Rebecca Rayner

Curated by Anna Skutley

Opening: Thursday, October 8th, 6-9pm
Until: October 17th, 12-6pm

‘Hant’ is the idea of the vernacular; of the objects, materials and architectural structures that furnish our lives and urban centres. It is a frequentation, or the spirit that haunts a location. It is a spot often visited; an obsession. The collective work that makes up ‘Hant’ extracts elements from their origin and relocates them in a new space, opening a discussion around our conception of site. Through the abstraction of materials, forms, sound and language, it explores the different ways that artists create reference to place.
Georgie Andrews explores ideas of ‘hostile architecture and design’. Her sculptural work removes urban objects from their everyday context and re-situates them in the exhibition space. Alternatively, Umut Gunduz uses 3D models alongside textures, sounds and imagery appropriated from their real-life situs to construct his virtual worlds. Dealing with the inherent tensions between humans and material within these built environments, Joseph Clarke’s sculptural installations address the dichotomies of construction verses deconstruction and order verses chaos. Also working from the premise of the human convergence with materiality, Rebecca Rayner uses discarded and found materials to create ‘ambiguous landscapes’ that reference the human body. Her work focuses on themes of consumption, objectification and the abject.
By examining processes of movement as applied to inert forms, this exhibition looks at the effect a forced displacement from site has on our aesthetic experience with the material makeup of our daily world. ‘Hant’ speaks to a tension between territory, human-made structures, and the language we use to represent these. It asks what specific role vernacular components serve in this exchange.

Paradox Amusements

13th – 15th March 2020

Private view 12th March 2020 7 – 9pm
Opens 13th – 15th March 2020 12 – 6pm

In Paradox Amusements Birtles and Metcalfe deal with a day dream. This day dream encompasses extremities of escapism and obsessions with absurd fixations relating to holiday and play. Through performance, painting, photography and sculpture the artists challenge and darken escapist desires. Reoccurring motifs appear like holiday hallucinations. An inflated unicorn appears as an unsettling fluorescent monster, whilst an inflated dress is transformed into a drawing and brought to life by operatic singers. Metcalfe and Birtles unpack the surreal dream through interpretations from their ongoing research into the longing for escapism and performance catharsis.