20th November – 1st December, 2019

Preview date time: Friday 22nd November 6 – 9 pm

Opening times: Wednesday – Saturday: 12pm – 6pm, Sunday: 12pm – 5pm

Folds is an exhibition curated by Chahine Fellahi, Gloria Bernal and Megan Garry-Evans featuring works of 13 international and UK based artists who have responded to the theme “folds.” The full line up will showcase a multimedia array of work which includes drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, installation and moving image.

Exhibiting artists: Nikki Alford, Andrea G Artz, Latifah Al-Said, Abbie Cairns, Kirsty Dixon, Luisa Maria Maccormack, Lina Laraki, Wiebke Leister, Freya Nash, Lisa Pettibone, May Rohrer, Ellen Sampson, Emily Scaife.

Folds are pleats of fabric, wrinkles in the skin or carefully folded strands of DNA in each of our cells. Folds are earthly or watery, creases in a landscape or ripples at the surface of the ocean. Folds bend straight lines, they provide texture to the smooth surface of appearance. Folds follow the curves of time, they testify to its passing and its opening to endless possibilities.

Using the notion of folds as a point of departure, this exhibition sets out to uncover the aesthetic, conceptual, ethical and sociopolitical implications of thinking through folds. Activating the interplay between surface and depth, inside and outside, exposure and concealment implicated in folds, this exhibition explores the multiple ways in which the concept can be mobilised as a tool to deconstruct binary oppositions. The diversity of the works presented in the exhibition reflect the various forms folds can take. These include bodily folds as seen in the visceral paintings of Freya Nash and sensual photography of May Rohrer, paper folds as presented in Andrea Artz’s installation and Wiebke Leister’s photo-collages, as well as folds of cloth as explored in the drawings of Luisa-Maria Maccormack and Lisa Pettibone’s kiln-formed glass sculpture.

The different interpretations of the theme will be deployed within the exhibition space, crystallising into an immersive topography. Resonances, echoes and dialogues will take place between the various perspectives provided by the artists, and folded within one another the works will form a dynamic ‘texturology.’

A series of events and activities will take place alongside the exhibition, including a drawing workshop organised in partnership with the London Drawing Group, a performance by Gen Doy and a reading group responding to the theme of the exhibition.

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