Is that you Mr. Goat?

5th November 2022

Ash Appadu

Goldsmiths & Lewisham Arthouse Graduate Residency Outcome Exhibition

Exhibition: 5 – 26 November 2022, Wed – Sun 12.00 – 18.00
Opening Saturday 5 November, 18.00 – 21.00
DJs starting at 18.00 and Live puppetry and sound from 19.15

Live Events
Live sound and puppet performances
12 Nov, 19.15
19 Nov, 19.15
26 Nov, 13.15
Live Puppet performances
9 Nov, 13.15
16 Nov, 13.15

Ash Appadu’s practice incorporates collaborative puppetry, video and sound to create mixed media installations. Appadu builds fictional worlds to explore intersectionality. First appearing in Misadventures of Mr Goat (Goldsmiths degree exhibition) and now in Is that you Mr. Goat? (Lewisham Arthouse), the protagonist, Mr. Goat, is a creature who embodies an endless and fluid journey of change. Travelling beyond dry, desert-like worlds through to glitchy digital spaces, Mr. Goat has transformed from a small, mild mannered, puckish character to a ferocious and wild creature. Within the installation at Lewisham Arthouse, this 1.5-meter long collaboratively performed puppet responds to live and improvised soundscapes. Moving in a highly ritualised manner, the puppet performances build upon an endless search for release or comfort through metamorphosis.