V4V + Lone OMI + The Balloons

One event, 3 different approaches to music making
Saturday 19th October 2013, doors open 8pm, entry £5

V4V is group V4V is sound V4V is shape
Shape same, details differ
V4V sci-fi nostalgia
Same shape, different detail
V4V may vary V4V Mayday! Mayday!
V4V deserve the rights and wrongs
V4V so much more than 4 on the floor
Uncommon time V4V do 7/8, 11/4, 24/7, 9/11
V4V learn from city: traffic, buildings and crowds
V4V been Japan and back
V4V been Birds Nest and roundabout (see A-Z)
V4V hearts synapses V4V sound-art funk
V4V DJ BPM, Charles Hayward, Nick Doyne-Ditmas, Vern Edwards
V4V uncertain until box open V4V south-east London noise
V4V soundcloud.com/v-4-victory

LONE OMI sings songs about mountains and rivers and heartbreak…
I am the Sun video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YONe1cwJxZE (Preview)

THE BALLOONS: Fuelled by passion and commercial indifference in equal measure, The Balloons have evolved from being completely unknown to utter obscurity in a mere 35 years.
With an energy to rival that of terminal invalids at least 25 minutes their junior and a unity of purpose that belies their capacity for persistent squabbling, The Balloons remain the dark and cheery purveyors of juddery, shuddery, jittery, jottery, scuttlesome jat they always was.
Jock? Razz? Who gives a monkey’s makeover!!?