Filmed on location

tale of a vampire

Unknown to some but Lewisham Arthouse was once used as a backdrop to film scenes for the feature length movie ‘Tale of Vampire‘ (1992).

Set in South London, this surreal and atmospheric low-budget film takes an interesting approach to the vampire genre by focusing almost exclusively on the emotions of its tormented central character: reclusive, intellectual vampire Alex (Julian Sands). Alex chooses to prey only on criminals and street derelicts, devoting more of his time to pursue a greater hunger for books on the occult, a passion surpassed only by his tragic love for a beautiful woman whom he lost to his ancient rival, the vampire-hunting Edgar (Kenneth Cranham)

Here are some production photos taken at the time whilst the film was being shot at the Lewisham Arthouse.

Tale of vampire 5 small

Tale of vampire 6 small

Tale of vampire 2 small

The full movie is available to watch online:

Tale of a Vampire (full movie)