Other Fiction


2nd – 5th June, 2017

Other Fiction is an exhibition organised by three students currently enrolled on the MFA programme at Goldsmiths. The exhibition brings together three artists, that have diverse and wide ranging practices and methodologies, into the Lewisham Art House space, where they hope to create a dialogue between these different styles and approaches to their work.

The work is not unified by a mutual thematic narrative but rather address’s a multitude of different areas that overlap and have a shared concern about wider issues and subjects of interest such as place, memory, popular culture and alterity.

This synergy of diverse ideas and treatments is arranged and juxtaposed together in order to create a level of uniformity that also maintains the individual and unique characteristics of each work within a cohesive exhibition structure. The exhibition is made in the spirit of experimentation, it is without a fixed point of finality and showcases work that is open ended, adaptable and still in progress.

PASCAL UNGERER works with a wide variety of media incorporating photography, painting, video, and sculpture in his art making process. He is primarily interested in themes based around social, geo-political or ecological issues.

JOE TWINN’S art practice spans a range of media, such as costume design, collage and painting but his primary concern is with the moving image. For the past two years he has been making short films, utilising lo-fi, D.I.Y special effects.

BYUNGCHAN KIM is a visual artist from South Korea who has recently relocated to London. He works in an interdisciplinary practice incorporating a wide variety of media. His work draws upon a range of diverse references from hip hop and popular culture to war, history, cultural appropriation and misinterpretation.

Opening night:
Friday 2nd June 2017

Exhibition continues:
2nd – 5th June 2017

Free entry
Step-free access

Curatorial Open 2017

Curatorial Open

Call for Submissions – Deadline Friday 9th June

Following the success of last year’s project Lewisham Arthouse is pleased to announce that applications are now open for the Curatorial Open Call 2017. Based in Deptford’s Grade 2 listed former library Lewisham Arthouse provides access to artist studios, workshops, exhibitions and learning. We are looking to build on our proud history of supporting artists, their audiences and the wider community by offering free use of our project space to an artist, curator or collective for a period of 5 weeks.

We are inviting proposals from an artist/curator or collective interested in working with us beyond traditional forms of exhibition making. This might include visual art, music, talks, screenings, educational events or other kinds of creative output. Lewisham Arthouse will provide in-kind support with promotional, logistical and practical concerns along with a production budget of £1000.

This is an opportunity to realise a concise and considered strand of programming (one off exhibitions will not be considered). The successful applicant will provide and implement an innovative program, focusing on audience engagement, participation and using the full potential of the space.

Please send a CV (1 side of A4 max), an introduction to your curatorial practice/approach (300 words max) and a proposal outlining your program and its intended outcomes (1 side of A4 plus images / supporting material). Please include one written reference and a completed copy of our equal opportunities form.

Download the Equal-Opportunity-Form

Deadline for applications: Friday 9th June

Interviews: Week commencing June 18th

Curatorial project: Wednesday 4th October – Tuesday 7th November

Please send your applications to:

Curatorial Open Call 2017,
Lewisham Arthouse
140 Lewisham Way
London SE14 6PD

Postal applications only

* Due to the high level of entries we are unable to give feedback to applicants not shortlisted for interview. If you would like your application or supporting materials returned to you please provide a stamped addressed envelope

For more information about Lewisham Arthouse please visit our website: www.lewishamarthouse.org.uk

Thanks and best wishes,

Lewisham Arthouse

What Happened Between?


15th – 21st May, 2017

‘Between the secret interior and the public exterior, carrying items to trade: shared knowledge, a shoulder to cry on, insight, fun’ (Hannah Black)

We are Kerri Jefferis & Sophie Chapman and we have been lucky enough to hold the Graduate Studio Award at Lewisham Arthouse for the past year. We are sadly coming to the end of our tether, we mean tenure, and would love to invite you over one last time.

We would like to bring people together, to expose the unseen construction site, prop the supports and acknowledge overlaps, blind spots and differences. Support is usually ‘derided and discarded by authority and depoliticized by the mechanisms of it’ (Celine Condorelli/Gavin Wade) so we are especially OBSESSED with it. We want to take this time to appreciate what has happened, gather and share knowledge, references, materials, have the conversations that we haven’t yet had, and have a wee PARTY! It promises to be a bonanza.

‘In the spirit of coming together to take ourselves apart’ (Kyla Wazana Tompkins) throughout the week we will host the following:-

Monday 15th 6.30pm – 9pm : A SCREENING on social time, how we document & ask questions in/of it

Wednesday 17th 6.30pm – 9pm : A LETTER what writing, diaries & confessions do for history/theory/personhood

Friday 19th 7pm – 11pm : A GIG bringing bodies together to make noise! (unwieldy noise) shit-hot noise makers… NX Panther, Rainham Sheds, Molejoy and more TBC

Saturday 20th 1pm – 6pm : A HANGOUT & CHAT discussing what support structures allow for improvisation, intuition, sounding / listening, the particulars of shared endeavours & the complicated spaces between people – schedule TBA

‘Because they were listening to each other the room felt small’ (Chris Kraus)

Free entry
Step-free access

Soft Wax – Winner of the Arthouse Award


We are pleased to announce Soft Wax as the winner of the Lewisham Arthouse Award for the Deptford X Fringe 2016.
The Soft Wax collective were selected by an anonymous panel of Arthouse members for their site specific, multi-media piece ‘Punky Reggae Party‘, staged over 2 venues and focusing on key events in local history and the life of our community. The outcome was an inspiring and immersive work and we look forward to seeing what Soft Wax will produce for their two week takeover of the Arthouse Project Space in March 2017, 6th to 20th.

Soft Wax is a loose collective led by Steve Wax. The main focus of their diverse output is cultures of resistance, taking inspiration from the popular music that embodies them. Alongside their project for Deptford X, Soft Wax recently staged an installation at The Museum of Club Culture in Hull for the Freedom Festival 2016 and Steve Wax has been at the helm of some of the UK’s best dub and reggae nights.

For more information regarding their forthcoming programme for the Arthouse please join our mailing list or keep an eye on the website.


17th October 2014


V4V launch their new album IN / OUT, an 8 CD-R realisation of the same shape/same details constantly re-configured one against another, like 3D chess. A limited edition of 300 with hand-made cover art.

V4V features DJ BPM (breaking out from the Grime mould for which her ResonanceFM radio show is increasingly acclaimed) building flickering ghost storms of sound, meshing with Vern Edwards’ serpentine cartoon guitar. Served on a bedrock of churning and fractured funk from the telepathic rhythmic architectures of Nick Doyne-Ditmas (bass guitar, flugelhorn) and Charles Hayward (drums).

FIRST: In a zone of it’s own with a lovely gallop, First keep the skin free from blemishes and the heart from aching 99.9 percent of the time. First are odd but familiar, animated and fruitfully nihilistic with no added sugar and using raw ingredients when possible. They are open from 7-11 at weekends and are not involved in any terrorist activity to speak of. Blisters, bliss and bananas, tender yet awkward nights at the disco. But don’t panic! First can also mean last…… to leave or to worry; it depends on context. Remember the first beak of a duck, crest of a wave and the first nib of a pencil and you’ll almost actually be there.

Link to Facebook page
Music Video “First – Unconsciousness/Happiness”
Music Video “First – Champagne With Sean Penn”

Entry £5

No bar bring your own refreshment

An Aggregate Material

Paul Crook, Rae Hicks, Hannah Hood, Abigail Jones, Emmie Mcluskey, Ian Parkin, Will Thompson and Mary Wintour
8th – 19th October 2014

An Aggregate Material

A group show by Garage Projects

‘An aggregate material’ is the third in a sequence of an ongoing exhibition project by eight emerging artists from across the UK. Working under the name ‘Garage Projects’, they collectively look to create works that challenge, debate and comment on contemporary society, using the gallery space as a site to present our continuous discussion.

The title ‘an aggregate material’ refers to a composition of two or more substances that form a ‘sum’ or ‘mass’. Taking this term as a starting point, we would like to propose a collective mixed media exhibition that creates a cohesive structure, which prompts dialogue around the configuration of disparate material.

The title allows the work to be read by the viewer both collectively, as a presentation of artistic practice and independently, as individual narratives.

The artists participating are:
Mary Wintour
Ian Parkin
Abigail Jones
Hannah Hood
Paul Crook
Will Thompson
Emmie Mcluskey
Rae Hicks

Who Thinks The Future?

Josh Bilton, Darren Harvey-Regan, Jenny Moore, David Mabb, Steven Ounanian, Kate Pickering, Charlotte Warne Thomas
26th September – 5th October 2014


A Peer Sessions project coinciding with Deptford X, Art Licks Weekend and Lewisham Arthouse Open Studios

Curated by Tom Trevatt & Peer Sessions

Recently, there has been a resurgence in thinking the future. Not only what horrors it may hold, but how we might construct it. This important task had fallen out of favour over the last thirty years, a period of time that could be equated with a general repetition of the logic of the same. If we are now forced to think forward again, to find ways out of impending climate crises for example, we have to find new methodologies by which to construct our shared future. Perhaps the logics of contemporary art, a non-oriented, cyclical exercise, are inadequate for dealing with this project. However, equally, the modernist conditions under which the avant-garde appeared no longer exist. Thus new models need to be constructed. This exhibition asks whether the artist is a figure with whom these tasks can be carried out. Without assuming the privilege usually associated with this exceptional figure, we ask what role the artist has now, and what they should have in the future.

To engage in these questions we will adopt a methodology of synthetic thinking, practised as it is by Peer Sessions, to combine multiple ideas into complex wholes. This practice, something that art is capable of, could be utilised to connect and represent positions across a spectrum, enabling an ecology of ideas to be enacted or engendered. The exhibition will negotiate these concerns, attenuating them through art practice, and start thinking the future.

Talking about Contemporary Art

Free public widening-participation workshops to be held in the gallery, all welcome:

Friday 3rd October 3-4.30pm

Saturday 4th October 4-5.30pm

Sunday 5th October 4-5.30pm

Further information can be found at: peersessions.com
2014 Who Thinks the Future 2014-09-25 at 15.21.39



2014-09 Who Thinks the Future




by Rory Macbeth as part of Deptford X
Exhibition Dates: 27th September – 6th October 2013

During Deptford X, Rory Macbeth will be making a site-specific piece of work in response to the complexities of Lewisham Arthouse as a long-standing co-operative arts organisation.
His performance-driven practice has recently seen him translate a novel by Kafka with no understanding of the original language and no dictionary, write email excuses to a gallery for a poor art show of dog paintings, and to play Beethoven on piano in front of classical music audience, having never played piano before.

For his show at Lewisham Arthouse, Rory Macbeth has built 3 street billboards and rented the space out via a pubic advertising company, Outdoor Advertising Ltd, who have found 3 clients interested in advertising here as part of new publicity drives. As such, all three adverts are fully functioning current adverts, the same as the ones on the buses that drive past the Arthouse or that line local roads, and in this sense a sort of reversal of the ‘80s idea of billboards as a site for Art. Lost Prairie is also a direct response to the particular circumstances and history of the Lewisham Arthouse as an independent and autonomous space, with all the utopian advantages and nightmares that brings with it: forcing the corporate world into the co-operative’s hard-fought independent boundaries temporarily, in a sense to see who wins. Named after a half-remembered song lyric, Lost Prairie is romantic, hopeful, stupid, awkward, funny and wrong.


Nicky Teegan
Exhibition Dates: 12th – 22nd September 2013

NickyTeegan_Star GazingLazerCats

Following a 6 month residency in Lewisham Arthouse, Nicky Teegan presents a collection of devotional objects, handmade oddities, sounds, texts and footage. Drawing from the every day, science fiction and local stories of mystical phenomena this exhibition will function as fiction rather than a hermetically sealed system of pedagogies.

Teegans’ work deals with the fanatical collecting of things. It specifically focuses on the fetishisation of everyday objects, outmoded technologies and found oddities and their subversion into devotional objects. It examines hidden meanings behind these devotional objects and rituals and their purpose. Underlying this, Teegans’ work draws from dystopian science fiction and ufo cults.

Alongside the exhibition was an event on 21 September, from 6pm. A dusk performative walk with the exhibition as a starting point. The two hour performance was a subversion of objects, science fiction and local stories of mystical phenomena, functioning as a fictional narrative and subverting the location and objects into a place of mystery. Tea and snacks were provided at the end.

NickyTeegan Tetra

NIckyTeegan Overview

NickyTeegan 2

NickyTeegan 1

NickyTeegan 3