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Luke Burton – Singspiel

Luke burton singspiel copy
[toggle]Singspiel (image credit the artist)[/toggle]

Luke Burton works across sculpture, video, and photography. He uses urban landscape and architecture as either a central protagonist or stage-like foil to explore Romantic artist positions, play and humour as a form of gentle dissidence, and the complexity of the decorative in contemporary culture.

The representation of the artist’s hand is privileged across Luke’s work, correlative to the indexing of human touch as both the figurative and literal embodiment of the creative act. He considers how this can be used alternately to create a sense of intimacy and estrangement; autonomy and contingency at the point of aesthetic reception.
Luke graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Sculpture in 2013. Recent exhibitions include An Uneventful Day, Carrol/Fletcher, London (2013); A Dense Glitter of Alternatives, Vitrine, London (2013), and Love/Architecture, Turner Contemporary, Margate (2013).

Ruth Beale – FFWD The Revolution

Ruth Beale FFWD the Revolution

[toggle]FFWD The Revolution (Image credit Simon Beesley)[/toggle]

The focus of Ruth Beale’s work is often the relationship of culture to society, in particular the cultural representation and expression of political ideas. She is also interested in how the preservation and dissemination of ideas and objects impacts on what is valued and overlooked.Beale’s practice also includes drawing, video work and the collection and the re-presentation of archive material.

For her final project for Lewisham Arthouse Graduate award, she wrote and directed a performative tour of Lewisham Arthouse, with script read by current members of the cooperative. The lighting scheme (lamps, projectors, studio equipment) is desiged in collaboration with Brian Archer. The performers are Oliver Campbell, Amanda Francis, Alma Tischler Wood, Sara Willett and Eleanor Watson. The semi-fictional narrative charted the different users and groups that have occupied the building, including Deptford Library, a film set, free raves by anti-capitalist soundsystem Spiral Tribe, and the Lewisham Arthouse cooperative.


Nicky Teegan – Stargazing Lazer Cats

Nicky Teegan stargazing lazercats
[toggle]Stargazing Lazer Cats (image credit the artist)[/toggle]

Nicky Teegan’s work is deals with fetishism, collecting and fanaticism. It specifically focuses on the fetishisation of everyday objects, outmoded technologies and found oddities and their subversion into devotional objects. It examines the function of these devotional objects and rituals and their purpose.

Underlying this, Teegans’ work draws from dystopian science fiction and UFO cults, taking influence from texts by H.G Wells, J.G Ballard and William Gibson.
With this in mind objects, drawings, installations, videos and sound pieces are made and archived. The practice is a collection of handmade oddities and devotional objects, referencing films, books, music and everyday life.  The objects are built to serve a performative/ritualistic function, or as curiosities. Lo-fi and the handmade are essential elements of the work, understanding of material and format is imperative to the practice. Repetitive industrious methods such as weaving, repetitive drawing, sound looping, layering and photocopying are deployed. Audio pieces are developed through a laborious method of looping and layering, evoking elements of chanting and drone.


The Project Space is run with the aim of providing affordable exhibition space and a platform for emerging artists, community groups and those who have been unable to find support/space through traditional gallery routes. In doing this we hope to provide a vibrant program of exhibitions for our local community, creating an opportunity for people to enjoy, discuss and engage with contemporary art in an informal and accessible setting. Alongside the program of hire shows we also facilitate larger projects and residencies that focus on our core aims of outreach and community engagement. We are always interested to hear from local artists, curators and community groups with proposals for larger projects or who are interested in forming creative partnerships with the Arthouse.
Lewisham Arthouse is committed to ensuring our Project Space is accessible for anyone to hire. We acknowledge that social barriers may influence participation in, and enjoyment of the arts. In an effort to address this in our local communities, our application process is open to everyone, regardless of age or educational background. We particularly welcome applications from non-white, Black, Asian and minority ethnicity individuals and groups.

View Project Space application form

Hire Terms and Conditions 2022

project[toggle]Image credit: photo Francesca Oldfield[/toggle]

Hire Fees – rates from May 2022 as follows:

2 weeks = £460 (Minimum booking)
3 weeks = £632.50
4 weeks = £782

Due to increased running costs and energy bills, hire fees have increased by 15% as of May 2022. This is inline with an increase in studio rent paid by Arthouse members and will be reviewed regularly.

Send your applications to:

Project Space
Lewisham Arthouse
140 Lewisham Way
London SE14 6PD

Lewisham Arthouse Winter Fair

Saturday 12th December 2015, 11am – 6pm


We’re hosting our popular Winter Fair again, featuring an array of original artworks, hand made crafts and seasonal gifts. There’ll be something to fit all sizes of pocket, whether you’re a discerning Christmas shopper or art lover.

We’ll be featuring lots of local talent including our studio artists, producers of Mosaic, felted goods, linocut prints, ceramics and much more.

Come join in the yuletide joyousness, warm your cockles with a seasonal beverage and a mince pie! And if that isn’t enough jingle all the way to the vibrations of our resident DJ.
Welcome One and All!
Full disabled access
For press enquiries contact

[toggle]Image credits: Lewisham Arthouse Winter Fair 2015, Sheena Patel[/toggle]

Phil Ashcroft: Cave Paintings

30th October – 1st November 2015

3 Cave paintings Phil Ashcroft

A pop-up weekend presentation of new and recent paintings by Lewisham Arthouse studio artist Phil Ashcroft. Combining influences from abstract expressionism, British landscape painting, Japanese woodcuts, and graphic street art, Ashcroft integrates gestural, emotive abstraction with flattened out ‘80s style art deco and graffiti influences to present a vision of environmental, financial and political threat, a world of semi-surreal settings, cartoon-like motifs and the detritus of the modernist ideals of the past.
The Cave Paintings series of works developed in the artist’s London studio following a speedboat trip around Ramsey Island in Pembrokeshire, Wales in 2014.

Preview: Friday 30th October 2015, 6pm – late
Preview sounds from DJ Monkphat (Gamma Proforma)

For further information email

DSC_1442-HDR-2_1500pxDSC_1383-HDR_1500pxDSC_1392-HDR_1500pxPhil Ashcroft, Cave Paintings, installation view, 2015. Photo: Tom Horak
[toggle]Phil Ashcroft: Cave Paintings, installation views, 2015. Image credits: Tom Horak[/toggle]

Once More with Feeling(s)

23rd October 2015

2 poster2 Chris Alton

Once More with Feeling(s) was an evening of artist’s performance and video, focusing on cover versions.

The cover version opts for rhythm over algorithm, coarse over smooth. By refreshing dormant tracks with renewed urgency (be it political, emotional or otherwise) the cover becomes a vehicle, delivering ideas through a familiar (if corrupted) form. Whether a pastiche or homage, the tangible authenticity of the cover version resides in the merging of art and life, consumer and producer, audience and author. The dissolution of these binaries opens up formerly homeostatic systems. They become permeable – susceptible to new ideas, new interpretations and new mistakes. This permeability can even retrospectively change the original.

Whilst contemporary pop produces track after track of homogenous hits, the cover is an opportunity for subversion. It is a chance to riff on and compartmentalise the perfection of pop – a chance to dent or scuff surfaces buffed with too much polish. Instead of proliferating imagery that warps how onlookers believe that they should look and engage with each other, the cover sidelines flashy golden grills, abdominal augmentations and swollen silicon buttocks.

It becomes a means for messing with systemic issues, acting as a form through which people can express themselves more fully and in a plethora of ways, which the culture industry fails to accommodate for. Instead of a singular way of existing being pushed or embossed on the mind, there is a redux. The cover is an answer or repost that resists unidirectionality. To cover is to create a dialogue – a feedback loop that resists being told what to think and how to behave. It is a radical rupture, which asserts that there is more than one way to be, to sing and to feel.

So let’s have it…once more with feeling(s).

Curated by Chris Alton and Rachel Hill

Once More with Feeling(s), 2015. Image credit: Amanda Francis[toggle]Once More with Feeling(s), 2015. Image credit: Amanda Francis[/toggle]
Once More with Feeling(s), 2015. Image credit: Amanda Francis[toggle]Once More with Feeling(s), 2015. Image credit: Amanda Francis[/toggle]
Once More with Feeling(s), 2015. Image credit: Amanda Francis[toggle]Once More with Feeling(s), 2015. Image credit: Amanda Francis[/toggle]
Once More with Feeling(s), 2015. Image credit: Amanda Francis[toggle]Once More with Feeling(s), 2015. Image credit: Amanda Francis[/toggle]

Sound is Sound is Sound experimental music showcase featuring Studio member Charles Hayward.


Saturday 24th October 2015

Sound is sound is sound showcases and celebrates the curious mix of forward motion and DIY attitudes that have flourished in the SE postcodes.

A highly motivated gathering of outsider sounds, exploring the logics of punk, free jazz, electronica, sound art and breakbeat, and melding them to suit the intentions of the musicians.

Featuring: Albert Newton, Aine O’Dwyer, Soft As Snow, The Balloons and DJ BPM

Afternoon workshops, sound installations and interventions in and around the Albany will precede the show…

Tickets £10

For full information and booking visit

Sound is Sound is Sound 4Sound is Sound is Sound 2Sound is Sound is Sound 1Sound is Sound is Sound 3

[toggle]Sound is Sound is Sound. Image credits: Francesca Oldfield[/toggle]

Outdancing Formations: A two-person exhibition featuring Art House Graduate Studio Resident Chris Alton

18th September – 4th October

Outdancing Formations is a dual exhibition by Chris Alton and Marta Popivoda that presents one activist and one research based project in the form of two large scale installations.

English Disco Lovers (EDL) by Chris Alton and Mass Ornament by Marta Popivoda investigate distant, yet related contexts of the organised body and the mass demonstration. Their equally radical approach reveals a critical reading of moving together as a political practice.

Chris Alton’s project, English Disco Lovers (EDL), which started in 2012, is a multifaceted protest movement that aims to reclaim the “EDL” acronym of the English Defence League, an extremist organisation commonly associated with racism, Islamophobia, and violence.

Mass Ornament by Marta Popivoda from (2013-2015) is an artistic take on the na- ture of spectatorship and the role of the public sphere, which starts with the mass performance of the late Yugoslav era — the Youth Day celebration in 1987 — and launches into an elaboration on “inattentional blindness” and the troubles of today’s public sphere. The work is done in collaboration with dramaturge and theorist Ana Vujanovic

Edith-Russ-Haus, Oldenburg, GER
Award for Emerging Media Artists of the Sparda Bank 2015
Opening Night: Thursday, 17th September 2015, 7pm
Open: 18th September – 4th October 2015

Julia McNeal


Studio member Julia McNeal with artist group fourfour at the Affordable Art Fair

22-25 October 2015

Affordable Art Fair Battersea
110 galleries with 1,100 artist’s

Get ready to add a splash of art to your walls as the Affordable Art Fair returns to Battersea Park this October. New galleries will fly in from across the globe to exhibit alongside fair favourites, so whether your taste is traditional or trailblazing, classic or cutting-edge, you’re sure to find an artwork to suit your space.
Don your talent-spotting spectacles and check out the Recent Graduates’ Exhibition featuring 2015′s most exciting new names, and get involved with our action-packed, art-filled Education Programme!
Whether you’re an art aficionado or a fair first-timer, we hope you’ll explore, adore, collect and create at the Affordable Art Fair this autumn.

For tickets and booking visit

Laura X Carlé 8-14’s Studio: Sculpture


Tate Modern, Clore Studio, Saturdays 19 September, 17 October and 21 November, 2015, 11.00–16.00

Artist and Sculptor Laura X Carlé will invite you to join her with a creation of growing large-scale structure at Tate Modern.
Using materials she uses in her studio, you can explore balance, composition, connectivity and more! Laura X Carlé works primarily with sculpture medium, drawing her themes from situations that she witnesses in the social space.

Sara Willett: SPECTRE


Elevating and transforming the humble domestic craft of crochet to obsessive and neurotic heights, Sara Willett has created tensions both literal and psychological as the fantastical forms fashioned from stretched shirring elastic colonise and consume the space.

This new installation created for Curious Projects evolved from her series of forest web sculptures, which she developed particularly during two residencies in China. Each piece is time-consumingly made by hand.

Sara Willett works in a variety of media, including, painting, photography, printmaking and large-scale installations. She studied at Camberwell College of Art for both her BA (Painting) and MA (Fine Art). She has exhibited widely in the UK and her work is held in collections in UK, USA, Australia, Europe, Japan and China.
Her work was recently selected for the Creekside Open and she was awarded a residency in China for the second time running.  Sara Willett lives and works in London.

Preview and artists’ talk: Sat 26 Sept, 1pm

At Curious Projects Eastbourne
26 Sept –27 Nov 2015

Courses and Workshops

2 Courses and workshops
September 2015 – July 2016

Don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of the courses and workshops starting this month. Courses are aimed at a range of age groups and levels of ability.

These include classes in Ceramics, Printmaking and Photography. Our Life Drawing Class is amongst the most affordable in London. Check out our Joining In page for more info.

Open Studios 2015

Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th October 2015

1 OS 2015 copy

We’re open again with a bumper selection of ocular delights…

Wander around a warren of studios, buy artwork from source, window shop or simply enjoy the grandeur of a beautiful Edwardian building. Artists will be exploring the touchy-feely side of architecture in group exhibition Caesura et Vide Supra. Intrigued? Feel welcome to stimulate your cerebral bits, by participating in the related discussion. Add a dollop of family fun activities – a pop-up café by GCDA providing scrumptious handmade sweets and savouries + bar and DJ’s on opening night…

Friday 2nd October 2015, 6-10pm
Saturday 3rd October 2015, 12-6pm
Sunday 4th October 2015, 12-6pm

A Public Discussion: Haptic Thinking and Architecture
Saturday 3rd October from 4pm

Part of Deptford X and ArtLicks Weekend Festival 

[toggle]Image credits: Open Studios 2015, Francesca Oldfield[/toggle]

Caesura et Vide Supra

25th September – 11th October 2015

press_caesura (1) copy

Lewis Betts, Jolanta Rejs, Anna Salamon, Frank Kent, Stephen Cooper and Bernice Donszelmann

Curated by Lewis Betts and Stephen Cooper

A group show exploring haptic thinking in relation to the architecture of Lewisham ArtHouse coinciding with Deptford X Festival, Art Licks Weekend and Lewisham Arthouse Open Studios. 

Caesura et Vide Supra brings together new work by artists exploring what the Finnish theorist Juhani Pallasmaa describes as ‘tactile ingredients in our otherwise ocular experience of architecture’.  

Exhibiting artists employ playful attitudes towards media-relevant genealogies of viewing and display, re-defining possibilities for the material object-hood of painting and printmaking in relation to architecture. Their new work responds to the characteristic architectural features and scale of the imposing Edwardian Carnegie building of Lewisham Arthouse,originally erected to house a library.  

‘Haptic Thinking and Architecture’ 
Saturday 3rd October 2015, from 4pm.  
A Public Touring Discussion In Situ: ‘Haptic Thinking and Architecture’. 
Touring around the space, the exhibiting artists will lead a public discussion concerning Haptic Thinking in relation to Architecture.  
Also part of the ArtLicks Weekend Festival. 

Private View: Thursday 1st October 2015, 6pm-9pm

Opening Times:
Friday 25th September 2015, 6-9pm (SLAM Fridays)
26th-29th September, 2-4 October and 7-11 October 2015, 11am-6pm

[toggle]Image credit: Anna Salamon[/toggle]

caesura-view6web-1[toggle]Image credit: Anna Salamon[/toggle]

caesura-detailweb[toggle]Image credit: Anna Salamon[/toggle]


24th-28th June 2015

Imprints is an exhibition of prints by participants in the Printing without a Press workshop at Lewisham Arthouse. With a focus on monoprinting, but including other forms of relief printing, press free printing encourages great creativity and a remarkable diversity in the work produced.

The exhibition includes experienced artists as well as beginners, some who have been attending the workshop since it began nearly 15 years ago and others who have just started but all the prints demonstrate the exciting possibilities of press-free printing. The work in the exhibition includes a range of printmaking media including monoprints, lino, woodcuts and relief printing but all have been printed by hand.

Artists include: Emma Jo Bairstow, Andrew Cieciala, Lucy Cooper, Hadjira Elkadi, Dick Graham, Anita Gwynn, Craig Hilton, Michelle James, John Jukes Johnson, Joanna Lewis, Rachel Pank, Sarah Perkins, Rosey Prince, Victoria Smart, Heather Steed, Reuben Thurnhill, Eleanor Watson, Robin Stannard, Florence Youngs, Milly Youngs

For more info about the exhibition and Printing without Press workshops please contact
Rosey Prince


SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC [toggle]Image credits: Imprints, Amanda Francis[/toggle]

Luke Burton: Singspiel


Lewisham Arthouse presents Singspiel, a solo exhibition by Luke Burton that is the culmination of his year-long residency. 

Singspiel will present a rabble of sculptures and drawings, corralled together amidst a sonic landscape, which in turn acts as a stage infused with songs and enunciations. The sound work for the exhibition will develop Burton’s ongoing interest in voice- as an embodied form of direct expression through abstract sound; as used in communication, language and and poetics; as a musical instrument.

Traditionally, a singspiel was a German-language musical play that often had comic and folk elements. It was characterized by having a light tone and containing dialogue interspersed with popular songs, exemplified in Mozart’s The Magic Flute, and later developing into the dominant form of German Romantic opera. Taking the singspiel’s historical slide in form from folk, to classical, to Romantic modes as an exhibitionary thematic, the congregated works seek to productively collapse song and play in its broadest conceptions, with a lightness of touch befitting its form, but in all seriousness.

Luke Burton lives and works in London. Recent exhibitions include Linking, Linking Arms, National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh; Filigree Endings, Bosse and Baum, London (both 2015); Tenderpixel’s Tenderflix, ICA, London; Athens Video Art Festival, Technopolis Musuem, Athens (both 2014); The Uneventful Day, Carroll/Fletcher, London, A Dense Glitter of Alternatives, Vitrine, London and Love/Architecture, Turner Contemporary, Margate (all 2013).

Two studio sub-lets for rent

We have two new studio rent opportunities!

Studio 1: 
£86.60 p.m. (£1039.20 per annum) 
160 sq ft
Sublet for 1 year- commencing 1st September 2015- August 31st 2016


Studio 2:
£73 p.m. (£876 per annum) 
135 sq ft
Sublet for 6 months commencing 1st August 2015- Jan 31st 2016


Application procedure: 
If you are interested in applying for either of these sub-let opportunities, please follow the guidance below and send the following:

* A statement (no more than 500 words) outlining your practice and areas of interest and an indication of how you wish to use this opportunity. This may involve responding to our organisation, the community or the locality.
* CV (no more than 2 sides of A4)
* A filled out equal opportunities form – click to download here (word .doc)
* CD with up to ten images or for time-based work DVD (video work should be no longer than 5 minutes).
* Corresponding list of titles, media and dimensions should be included (please do not send originals).
* One reference

Application guidance:
We accept postal or hand delivery of application forms ONLY. We cannot return CDs, or DVDs. 
Please send your completed application form to: 

PLEASE NOTE: These are studio sub-lets only and as such, the successful applicant will not be part of the membership.
DEADLINE FOR ALL APPLICATIONS: 3rd July 2015 Allocations, Lewisham Arthouse, 140 Lewisham Way, London SE14 6PD

Lewisham People’s Day


Saturday 11th July 2015

Make a Racquet

On a very sunny day in July our Studio Members had a wonderful day making racquets with visitors to Lewisham Peoples day.

Families were invited to design their own racquet shape and decorate their creations using a variety of materials. They also had an opportunity to play with them to.


[toggle]Image credit Amanda Francis[/toggle]

Kindly supported by London Borough of Lewisham

Lynda Laird: Urban Beekeeping


The next pop up exhibition, to be held at the Peckham Pelican from 2nd to 8th March 2015, will showcase Lewisham Arthouse member, Lynda Laird’s  2014 series of photographs, Urban Beekeeping.

Primarily a documentary photographer Laird’s work is concerned with the environment and our connection to it. Her photographs have been published in a number of newspapers and magazines, including The Guardian, and she also works with NGOs around the world.

Born in Orkney, Scotland, her fascination with nature is innate, ‘I grew up surrounded by farming and fishing, with people who had a deep understanding of how nature works, what the seasons mean and how to work with, instead of against, our environment.’

Urban Beekeeping follows the work of Camilla Goddard, a full time beekeeper for Capital Bee in South London. She first started keeping bees eight years ago and now has hives all over the city: in parks, churchyards, primary schools and on the roofs of hotels. She collects swarms from people’s attics, holds talks and about beekeeping and sells honey at her local shop.
The Honey Bee population has declined massively in recent years. In 2008, a million honeybee colonies in the United States mysteriously perished – a third of all their hives. This phenomenon was happening all over the world and became known as colony collapse disorder. The reasons behind it still remain unclear but links have been made to GM crops, habitat degradation – including the loss of flowering plant species that provide food for bees – and the increasing use of pesticides. Bees pollinate over 30% of our food and 90% of our wild plants.  Without bees to spread seeds, many plants, including food crops, would die out.

In response to the bee crisis, there has been a huge increase in the number of people taking up bee keeping, especially in cities.  Since 2008, the British Beekeepers Association’s membership has more than doubled to over 22,000.  Thanks to the lack of pesticides in the air, the diversity of our cities’ green spaces and people like Camilla, bees are now thriving in urban environments. We hope this exhibition of stunning images of Camilla and her colonies will inspire new generations of beekeepers as well as raising awareness of this important environmental issue.

Urban Beekeeping marks the first pop up exhibition in Telegram’s 2015 residency at the Peckham Pelican. A vibrant bar and gallery space, the Pelican is a keen supporter of emerging artists. Summer and Autumn exhibitions will follow including a showcase of portraits by Telegram artist Hayley Nia Thomas in June.

2nd – 8th March 2015
The Peckham Pelican
92 Peckham Rd, London SE15 5PY

Ruth Beale: UP Project event


Thursday 19th February 2015

The People’s Forest: Forest Make & Draw

Loughton Library

A free creative writing, drawing and making workshop for ages 5—11 FREE half term activity. Drop-in or pre-book to guarantee a spot by contacting Laura at UP Projects 0207 377 9677 /

The People’s Forest Lifewalk

Thursday 26th February 2015, 10am — 12.30pm

Jacks Hill to Theydon Bois
Join Ruth for an informal chat and free refreshments as we walk through Epping Forest as part of EFDC’s Lifewalks. We are interested in your thoughts and opinions about the forest, what it means to you and how you use it.  
Meet at Jacks Hill car park (CM16 7DR), between Wakes Arms and Theydon Bois.
The walk will be 1.9miles, following grassy woodland paths. Please note that in places it maybe wet and muddy underfoot. Gradient 900m long very steep hill.

For more information, please visit:

Making Works Leybridge Estate: Reloaded

15th July – 7th October 2014

After last year’s success we were invited back to Leybridge Estate. We’ve had a great time making all manner of wonderful constructions with the kids this summer.

They’ve become confident builders, using simple construction materials and methods. Each group was encouraged to explore form, line and colour. They were given two hours to design, build and dismantle their creations. Structures varied from imaginary dwellings to abstract sculpture…

1a Making works 2

[toggle]Image credits Laura X Carlé[/toggle]

To see more of their work visit

Kindly supported by Affinity Sutton